Story #10. Dibuang Sayang: Reproductive Rights

Owyeaah… ini dari wordpress tua saya juga. Dibuang sayang, sekedar tulisan yang tidak diterbitkan. Kayaknya dulu tuh buat memotivasi diri sendiri belajar bahasa inggris (hwek!)



….sekedar tulisan yang tidak diterbitkan…

Feminism is a discourse that concerned with the issue of gender difference, that advocate equality for women. There are many point of view of gender difference, based on the certain issues such as health (include health of reproduction), education, violence, etc.

Feminist activists have campaigned for women’s legal rights, it consist the campaign of reproductive rights, which mean to protect women from any discriminate condition. Women might be under pressure in case they can’t fight for their own rights. In Indonesia, there are numbers of women who has problem with reproductive rights, which cause by the existing of AIDS/HIV and increased of sexual activities in a very young age. Sex education for teenagers is the big factor that causes those things. While government and some non government organization try to implement some program refers to sex education, some teenagers still can not accept it well, so with the program didn’t work well.

Considering that teenagers need more parenting care, continuing program that can touch their emotional maturity is the best way to get them into the right perception of sex based on the sex education. Further more, they can fight for women’s right of health of reproduction.


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