Story #38. Honest Reason for Doing Exercise

Hello fellow!

Many people asked me questions of why am i keep exercising at the gym while today i got good enough physical appearance, and some other similiar questions. I used to answer it honesty but then it don’t satisfy people. So I keep going by telling them that I’m doing it to have muscles, to have flat belly, sexy butt, etc LOL! It does work to satisfy them with such answer. You know what, in fact, those answers just bullshit.

So today when I woke up, I decide to write down my honest reason of why am i keep exercising. Here we go:

  • By exercising, I burn calories and fat
  • I don’t easily get tired on daily activities
  • I don’t easily get sick due to my overload work/personal activities (Personal Activities e.g work, attend the class, hangout, stay up late sometimes)
  • I prepare my self to reduce the risk of diabetes¬† due to heredity. I might got it from my mom side.
  • I wanted to enjoy life and hoping to live long. How do you think I can achieve it without exercise?!

Life goes on… people keep asking and i keep answering. Mostly to satisfy them… I keep the honest answer for myself and now i share it here.


Hope you enjoy your life as well,

See you in my next episodes of life,



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