Story #39. Yearly Resolution and a Future Plan

Hello there… this is nothing but junk! I suppose to write this down early 2016, but i skipped it. Thinking that I will just keep it for myself. But then i think i would better to write it. Hope any random reader would wish me luck! LOL You may stop reading by this line it’s okay 🙂

I have a few list about the way i will live my life ahead. At least for a year, this is the things I promised myself to achieve:

  • Having more time for yoga and exercise at the gym (at least back to old time routine 4 times a week).
  • Get a new boyfriend with a heart. Avoid heartless asshole!
  • Finishing car installment (on May)
  • Visit Thailand
  • Going to university for Master program. Maybe around mid year? Major study must be Communication Study. Perhaps one day I had a chance to become a lecturer.(woohoooo… yeaaayyy!!). This is become my long-term obsession, I noted “Agnes Pratiwi, MM. Year:2018”
  • Celebrate Christmas 2016 with all family member.
  • Attend at least 1 church activity such retreat or camp or something.

Well those are 7 of 8 personal yearly resolution. I kept my very personal number 8 for just my self and God.

I sometimes face questions here, that people asking like, “why don’t you get married?”, “when will you get married?”, “do you have any boyfriend?”, “are you now seeing somebody?”. Those questions are silly. For me, I am now happy for what I have now. Enjoy become 30 and a single, dating sometimes, hangout with some friends, living my routine…bla..bla..bla.. But doesn’t mean I will live this way forever. I believe God prepared me someone, He shall let us met at His time. So today I pray for God to keep him safe and well, wherever he is, whatever he do now. Like I said on my birth day, I let God be the pen, I consecrate myself become an empty paper. I’ll still be happy whether I stay single or getting married.  I’ll be fine whether I stand alone or I’m with somebody because I decide my own happiness, it don’t depend on anyone.

Good night,



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