Story #43. Sunny shady day


Hey, take a look at the picture. Isn’t the world seems more warm and friendly under the shady? I’m just saying : )

A pair of sunglasses is in my top 5 item I must bring wherever I go. Especially on a vacation. I can name you 8 things about sunglasses that comfy me:
1. Health reason: put on your anti-UV sunglasses to protect your valuable eyes. Make sure the lenses are at least anti-UV, keep remind it, and you can also choose the polycarbonate material to feel more comfy.  Avoid using random or/and cheap material, the long term usage may harm your eyes and skin around the frames.

2. Fashion reason. A pair of sunglasses is like eye shadow. Makes you look prettier and younger. Just put it on and voila! you don’t even need a make up. Mostly of a big sunglasses are suit to any face shape. So let’s keep awesome! : *

3. Shady is good: As I said, life is about more warm and friendly under the sunglasses. No more dazzled, no more frowning. Enjoy your sunny day!

4. Facebook in a real life: You can stare at other people while they not knowing it. So it’s like you stalking anyone on facebook but this is in a real life.

5. Life is too short to wear an ugly sunglasses. You don’t have to be the best at work, school, home, wherever, you just live once and it short. It is true, so keep awesome!

6. Impression reason: By wearing certain shape, color, and detail sunglasses you create an impression for yourself. You brand yourself with what you are wearing. Use the brand that suits your personalities as well.

7. Hide the sad, tired, messy day and bring out the happiness. Yes, hide them all behind your sunglasses. You might feel better instead of collecting questions of people worry about you.

8. You deserve a pair of cool sunglasses. You work hard, you study hard, you play all the time. LOL! yes you are deserve it.

Thats all my 8 reasons for why wearing sunglasses. See you in my next episodes of life! I gotta go catch up my brand new sunny day : *


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