Story #46. My Magical Sunrise


Hi there,

It was 5am when I turn off my alarm and kinda push my roommate to wake up. We plan to go to the beach for the sunrise. I wash my face quickly as she was fussy me to be hurry. I grab my camera and walk with her to the beach. A day before, a friend told me that this place is a paradise. So I woke up that morning to be the first(s) enjoy paradise.

The best place to catch sunrise in Bali is in Nusa Dua. The opposite of Kuta, where you wish sunset were never leave. By the time the sun rising, I was so amazed. It was so beautiful and magical. For me, it was a few minutes of deep-breathe-taking. Stepping on the sand with bare feet and looked at the sky so mystical convinced me that God is an artist. The sea water was receding so I can step on a wet sands that feels so soft and mirroring the sky, also when I looked down, I can even see my self standing and smiling. The ripple sounds like a magical melody with a perfect volume. When the golden sun was getting higher, I turned back leave the beach, taking pictures somewhere else as I was heading to the hotel resto for a breakfast. I need my black coffee so bad after my only 2 hours sleeping the night before. But thank  God this morning are worth! 

The photo was taken in a private beach in one of hotel resort in Nusa Dua, Bali, so it was a quite morning and only a few people at the beach. Perfect!

See you in my next episodes of life,



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