Story #47. The Man Who Shoot Faster Than His Shadow


“I’m a poor lonesome cowboy,
And a long way to home”

Lucky luke!
The man who shoot faster than his shadow. Beside Tintin on my previous post, it’s another favorite comic when I was a kid. Today, reading it is an honor, but walking in the bookstore in children area just to find this book is a guilty pleasure. I find them for myself, unlike any other adult that they might bought the comics for their kids, nephew or niece, etc. I search, I find, I buy! LOL 🙂

Lucky Luke is my first cowboy character I know. I admire his way of life, and he’s slay for shoot so fast and exactly right on the target. Lately I realize that he’s also great in strategic and negotiating. Now after 20 years, I read his story again and found that he’s still the best cowboy character I know. Perhaps Sheriff Woody, a friend of Buzz Lightyear is an adapted character of Lucky Luke? They both are skinny, kind character who fight for the rights, responsible for the civil society to be secure . Of course Woody isn’t smoke like Luke. When he don’t smoke, he will chew something I don’t know, perhaps it’s kind of rod plant. In the comic, although he is a cowboy, Luke is like sheriff -even there’s a local sheriff character-. Luke is like a special goverment agent that serve the country from bandits, canibal Indian, etc.

The two most successful creation of American movies are the gengster and the westerner: men with guns. Guns as physical objects and the postures associated with their use, from the visual and emotional center of both types of film. -Robert Warshow, The Intermediate Experience, 135.

Lucky Luke is one of ever lasting comics that ever exist. Stories that shaped by history. The stories sets in 1880 then a wild western life, desert, and also a fiction cowboy character fights for civil society is a great story idea. Generation who know Luke so well are born before 1985 I guess. Lucky generation to know meet the myth of wild west life.

See you in my next episodes of life :-*