Story #57. Favorite Hello Of The Year 2016

Hey there,

It’s 2017 now but I feel like have to write some episode of life that happen in 2016 🤓 …and so I’ll write about my favorite hello.

It was almost end of the year when I met this mate. I was stay the night at the same place with him.  He lives there but had an office work, i guess, at out of the guesthouse. Well then, it was late night when I get there and I feel so unwell. After the receptionist give me my room key, I walked to the room. My room was next to the kitchen and there I saw him. Cooking! He look so skilled with the pan and a big plastic bag that filled with several boxes of ingredients, I saw a bottle of olive oil too that he uses it and he was cook tuna as I smelled it so good. We say hi as it was our second time seeing each other. I’m about in a mess with a shabby face, sick, and broken heart (again). I wasn’t expect to meet anyone I knew before.

I found that he’s more friendly than I tought before. He was asking me if I’d like to join his dinner. I said ok but I should put my bag first in the room. As I feel so unwell due to gastric acid attack, he offer me his medicine. I remember that he left the kitchen and went upstairs to his room to get me his last pill. Really, that was the very last one! I touched by his kindness. But that was not stop on the medicine. He asked me to grab a hot water in a cup as he gave me a sachet of ginger and also a slice of lemon that I swear it taste sooooo gooood!!!

He said that he’s also a had a gastic acid. But as long as we took a lemon before we eat, we’ll cool. He’s right. We had our dinner together, and I found out that he’s so kind and nice and care, indeed 😊.

Well, a sweet hello in the right moment. I was miles away from home in an unwell condition and there’s someone take a good care of me. Giving me medicine, food, and care  for I have a good sleep at that night. That was my favorite hello of the year!

Too bad, in the morning I have no chance to see him again. He already left to work when I woke up. So I texted him for a goodbye. I left the hostel to do my business and catch the flight back to Jakarta in the evening. Hope to see him again sometime when he visit Jakarta or I shall visit his country again. See you around, C!



Story #56. Drama of the Year eps iphone (part 2-end)

Hi there,

I was in A-Lab Singapore. I took an MRT from the airport, go straight to Plaza Singapura, no stop by for pee or meal, not even buy drink. I took morning flight from jakarta, get my ass sit on their waiting room at about 12.30pm. My iPhone was coinsidently death on my software update process a couple week before. I went back to sing, the country where I buy the iphone after I get rejection to have a service in Jakarta. The phone is under international guarantee but its not yet sale in Indonesia. 

My turn’s coming. I come to one of the CS desk. Telling all my problem. It was a young boy serve me. He plug my phone to his laptop and say that it was failed to do an update. What he did is exactly the same as I did. The result was remain the same: “Error Code: 56“.I told him that as suggested by online CS, I deserve a new replacement unit. He said okay but I got to wait like 10 working days. That’s sounds crazy for me. In fact, I don’t have 10 working days without the phone and i don’t come back to Sing just to pick up the new unit. The cost is too much for me. I mention all of it to him, then he went inside he said he need to talk to his manager. He said they can not help me to a new replacement on the spot. I can’t stand my emotion, tears start running out from my eyes. The boy seems sorry then he went inside again, give me tissues and call his… i don’t remember… a supervisor or his senior maybe, to assist me. But he can’t help either. His words was sharp as I remembered. “Whoever you are, even our manager have no advice but strict to the procedure.” 

My explanation seems meaningless at that moment. I fly across the neighbour country and gotta catch  another flight back to Jakarta in the next day. How come they have no solution for me. 
Minutes after I still can’t stop crying, this senior CS was suggest me to make a call to the online apple support. He showed me a small room, there’s a small round table, about 2-4 chairs there, and a  phone to call the online apple support. And the room is damn cold! I hate it! 

The thing about make a call to them is I keep waiting for crazy minutes. When I finally reach one of the them, I -again- tell my story to them. They do have a record of my issue but I still have to tell them myself that I was so frustated to be in such condition. I was make a few calls and assist with different person, I can’t hide them that I cry and feel so frustated. Finally at about 4pm, I got a deal from the apple support that she will give her authorization to the customer service in A.Lab to give me an express replacement unit. But the offer is bad for me, because it mean that I have to stay in Sing, and after like 3 days Apple will inform me that new unit is ready, the unit is about to send to my address (or to A.Lab, I forgot), but then I have to send back the unworking unit to them, and the delivery charge is on me. Both of the delivery: for the new unit that send to me and the unworking unit that I got to send back to them by myself. I didn’t agree with this solution.

Then I make a new call and another new pic assist me. It’s a woman, and as I told you before, I can’t hide that I was cry over and over again. All of the apple support team, for me they’re so kind and sincere. I remember one of the pic said to me, “Maam, please don’t cry. I know how frustated your condition right now but please stop crying. I would jump from the phone if I could and give you a direct replacement unit if I could.” I was surprised by such kind attention. 

A minute after, she asked me to call the CS that serve me in A. Lab to advice a new replacement on the spot. I went outside the room with a trembled knee and hands, had a headache and stomachache due to I had no lunch, not even drink. A.Lab provide free water for their customer and it’s a self service which I see the water spot on my way out leaving A. Lab for forever! I ignored that sickness and concentrate on my issue. I call the CS and he follow me into the room right away. 

Less than five minutes after he talked to the apple support, he said that he need to take my phone and checked with his manager for a new replacement. I was so excited, I think I had enough suffer for the day. It was 7pm. Unfortunately, the guy come back to the room, still bring my phone and mention me this words, “Sorry, but since your phone is under international guarantee, it’s againts our country policy to do a replacement on the spot. I already tell my manager too that you have to catch your flight by tomorrow, but sorry all we can offer you is the regular replacement or the express replacement. Up to you to choose.” I was like ‘damn!’ Then what’s the ‘international waranty’ stands for if even in the country that I buy I have no special term and condition?! I mean, what’s the different with not under international waranty!?

I make a new call to the apple support. I was so desperate and still can’t stop my tears running out. A new apple support assist me. She suggest me to go to another provider in Sing and see if she can give the apple supports authority for a new replacement unit on the spot! In my super desperate minute, I wonder is it worth to try? The girl said yes it is worth to try so I left A. Lab with an unsure feeling. I met the senior CS guy that serve me still there with the last customer I guess. I said thank you to him and telling him that I might probably come back in the morning if it necesaary. I fill my bottle there before I left the A. Lab. It was about 10pm, they turn off several lamps already, so with the mall as well. Walking out of that place, I soon looking for a toilet. I pee and for sure I puke! No meals that day, plus I feel so frustated. I went downstairs and thank God I still can stand on my own feet. 

At the end of the escalator, before the juction to the MRT station, I stop by to buy meal. I buy cheeseburger as I realize I need to eat something and considering the fact that whatever I ate I will puke it all within 45 minutes or less. I had a couple bite and feel like I can’t eat it no more. I wrap the rest, bring it to the place where I stay for the night. I walked to reach the MRT station, heading to Bugis. On the way to the hostel, I passed by Raflesia Hospital and can’t stand to puke. So I enter the lobby, and perfectly throw that two bites of cheeseburger into the toilet! 

That is end of the drama that day! Get out from the A. Lab with no result, coinsidently do fasting, sick at Raffless Hospital. All I ever want that night is nothing but a bed and painkiller.

Everyday is an anventure, and adventure has others story beside sweet and awesome.

See you in my next episodes of life!


Story #55. Do these 8 things for your best travelling plan

Hello there,

Have you ever feel that prepare a travelling plan sometimes take like forever but still you missed something? Here I got 8 things usually on my check list, I’ll share them for you 🙂

1. Flight Ticket and Hotel

Book a flight ticket and hotel to get the best deal is true. I have several travel app and I keep compare the price for the same hotel and flight. My best deals are always come from an app name Trav*L*ka. Prices are cheaper, set in the nett price, and the app is very easy to use.

2. Tour Destination

Sometimes, “the plan is no plan!”. It is wise to plan where and what kind of places you’ll visit during the trip. But sometimes other you can just go with the flow. Be spontan, do have  no plan. Try it! You can choose whether shopping, visit historical and/or religious place, join with the local people such visit a local school in the country side and having a fun time with the kids there. Learn their language, play around with them. Wherever you choose to go and whatever happen there, be happy!

3. Outfit

Make sure that shirts that we bring are suits to the places. My first travelling to Thailand I didn’t realize that I will visit vihara. All my shirts are sleveless/tank top, and of course hot pants as my most comfy ever. Everytime I visit vihara I have to pay 20BHT to rent a pashmina or a coat to cover my legs and arms.

4. Personal Medicine, Sewing Kit (at least peniti).

Yes, you do need to bring your personal medicine. For ease, I -try to- always bring a medicine for my gastric acid, the super magic stamp Salonpas, telon oil, and amox for just in case I had a sore throat attack! 

Bring also a bandage, it might help to save your foot finger if you walked a lot. The last, simply sewing kit like the one they provide at the hotels, or at least pin/peniti.

5. Copy of Personal Document

Nobody expect for bad things to happen. But it’s not bad to have a copy of your passpor. Do print it and bring along with you in a seperate pocket (don’t put it inside the passpor, for sure it’ll useless), and also have it in a soft copy in your email.

6. Electric Plugs

Because in a public area, sometimes you need like 3-4 plugs while you have to share the plug with other people. So bring our own plug is necessary thing to bring. I always bring it, and my bad, I often left it in the place I stay. Forget to put it back on my bag when I leave. 

7. Offline Map

Maybe it is not really necessary but  not every area in this world are covered by a good signal and isn’t it good to keep your internet quota? The main reason why I keep my nokia phone is because it’s offline nokia maps. Yippieee! 
8. Extra Bags

No matter where you go, try not to come back home with an empty handed. At least you bring a little gift from your journey, or, should prepare an extra bag(s) so you may load more gifts for people around you when you’re home.
My next episodes of life is coming!


Story #54. Drama of the Year 2016 eps iPhone (part 1)

Hello there,

I was starting the year of 2016 with  a list of wishes and resolution. I have no idea that I’m about facing a year full of stories! My story about gadget is becoming something that I should write.

I was using a windows phone and android before I fall for iphone. I buy my iphone once after I failed persuade my father to sell his iphone 5s to me then he can buy new iphone, he’s worth for an iphone 7. But he refuse the idea. So once when I visit Singapore, i buy an iphone, it’s an SE series. Not yet launch in Indonesia. It’s under international guarantee and i’m in love with its rose gold color. Why should SE series? That’s only that i’m afford to buy, hehehe… not really lah, it’s handed, feeling fit in my hand, it has 5s body but 6performance, the spec is enough for me, above series will be too much, and I love the color! That is the most important about SE. I return to Jakarta and so excited to become a newbie.

A problem come when I saw a software update notification on the phone screen. I was like delay the update due to it will need a strong and sustain internet connection which I didn’t have. But then once upon a time in a silent weekend I feel like my internet connection is strong enough, I click the update button. Bad luck for me the internet connection was unstabil. So a while after there was a notif saying “Error Code: 56“. I do the back up as my first response, then yes, what i’m affraid is happen: phone is blank. It only shows the itunes icon but i can move no where. So I talked to some friends, I went to infinite and ibox as well but none of them can fix it. It should only the software for God sake!

If you’re an apple user, the worldwide customer service are the best! So I make a lot of call to tell my problem and they guide me step by step to do the update but it didn’t work out. We’re on a discussion that I need to go back to Singapore for a new replacement before at first I email istudio at Paragon, looking for their advice. They’re very cooperate. Fast response and go straight to the solution (in this case theysuggest me to the A. Lab or QCD as well as suggested by the customer service on the phone).

I made a travel arrangement after two weeks get stuck with a death iphone. I went to QCD at Wheelock building and tell them my problem and also the cust service advice for a new replacement unit on the spot. After they do the procedure like checking the phone for the error software and make sure that I didn’t go anywhere to break the hardware, the manager talk to me. He’s a kind India guy. He was confirm on me what is going on with the phone and why he should give a new replacement on the spot. Also asked me why should I fly to Sing as apple service center are available in some place in Indonesia, esp Jakarta area. I’m telling him what I heard from the service center guys that Indonesia was not yet release the SE series, so even my phone is under international guarantee I can not have a new replacement, that’s the policy. Also, even if it possible,  my phone should send to Sing and waiting for the approval and then a new unit will send from sing to Indo and it takes like weeks! (Not make sense for me). Anyway, the manager say that he should discuss my case internally and do the coordination with apple people so he asked me to wait for another 30min. I said okay and I remind him that I should catch a flight. It was 12.05pm, my flight was at 3pm.

After 30min the custumer service girl inform me that YES, I WILL HAVE A NEW REPLACEMENT UNIT ON THE SPOT! I was like Hurray! I grab her wrist and with a big smile on my face I say: “REALLY??? A new replacement unit? Right now?”. I fulfil the form and going back to Jakarta as scheduled with the new replacement unit. And it’s in the same color: the lovely pinky rose gold!

The customer service girl at QCD was telling me that that day was my lucky day. The apple people was there for a visitation. Therefore I can have a quick approval. Many people come need a new replacement but it’s not that easy to get the approval. About the Error 56 code it’s a very rare error that ever happen. However, QCD is a very good in response my case, the manager is simcerely hands on and the customer service girl (how come I forget her name, my bad). I was come to Wheelock before 10am, consider that they’ll open at 10, but they open at 11. Within 2 hours  my case was solved very well. QCD at wheelock is very recomended, despite the fact that apple people was there so i can have a quick approval.

See you in my next episodes of life!

Story #53. Melamar Pekerjaan? Manner, please…

Hello there,

Setelah sebelumnya gw share tentang statement penolakan bagi pelamar pekerjaan, kali ini gw akan share 5 manner dalam melamar pekerjaan yang sebaiknya lw lakukan demi kelangsungan nama baik lw sendiri ✌🏻️.

1. Ketik! Jangan Tulis Tangan

Kalau posisi yang lw lamar adalah selain OB/OG, driver, satpam, dan istri bos sebaiknya surat lamaran lw ketik rapi. Ini menunjukkan bahwa si pelamar memang niat melamar kerja. Ada effort untuk ngetik, yang nerima surat lamaran juga jadi merasa dihargai. Saat ini hampir tidak ada alasan untuk tidak mengetik surat lamaran. Kalo gak punya komputer sendiri bisa ke rental komputer, warnet, atau pinjem pake punya temen. 

2. Gunakan Bahasa yang Formal, Baik, Sopan, meskipun penerimanya adalah temen sendiri, pacarnya temen, temennya pacar, anggota keluarga, kerabat dari anggota keluarga, and so on…

Informasi lowongan kerja bisa didapat dari mana saja. Gak jarang juga yang kasih info orang yang kita kenal atau kenalannya orang itu 😜, meski demikian tetap gunakan pilihan bahasa yang baik dan sopan karna ada kemungkinan surat lamaran lw bukan cuma dibaca kenalan lw doang, mungkin bos nya atau divisi lain terkait.

Lw bisa pakai pengantar sbb:

“Dear Ibu A@&$)&@*,

Sehubungan dengan informasi lowongan pekerjaan yang saya dapatkan dari rekan saya W”@&$, maka saya mengajukan lamaran untuk posisi Marketing. Terlampir CV saya dan dokumen pendukung lainnya. ”


“Hai Cyn, nih ya gw udah email surat lamaran sm CV gw. Buruan kabarin ya, gw dah muak banget sama bos & kerjaan gw yang sekarang! Plis lah cyn!!”

Kalo gw sebagai penerima surat lamaran itu: Hello cyn, gw ilfil baca email lw!


“Cuy, ini CV gw, minta tolong donk lw tambahin informasi ini: Thn 1945-1947 kerja di PT. Bambu Runcing. Thn 1947 – 1955 Kuliah di Universitas WakWau Jurusan Ekonomi Manajemen (note: yg ini kalo ga butuh yaudah ga usah ditulis ya, soalnya gw kuliahnya kelamaan, ijasah juga ga punya gegara gw keburu di DO).”

Good point! Si pemberi kerja kemungkinan langsung baper dan nangis di pojok ruangan. Edun euy….

3. Tunjukan “Kamu” dalam CV

Tampilkan siapa lw dalam lembar CV yang oke. Catchy, dan simple. Dari halaman CV bisa keliatan kok seberapa akrab lw sama kompie. Misal lw nulis punya kemampuan photoshop, ya tunjukin dengan kreasi CV yang berwarna, terkonsep, tapi informasi di dalamnya lengkap dan jelas. Beda dengan kalo lw ngelamar misal di firma hukum, ya mungkin CV warna warni agak kurang tepat. Lebih baik lw tonjolkan latar belakang pendidikan dan pelatihan pendukung lainnya.

4. Datang interview tepat waktu dan dalam kondisi rapi

Rapi adalah syarat mutlak. Lw dateng memenuhi undangan tepat waktu, dan jika dibutuhkan sempetin ga sampe 5 menit deh untuk mastiin kondisi lw rapi: rambut disisir rapi, muka, gigi dan sepatu bersih, badan gak bau matahari apalagi bau badan 😭

5. Fokus, Sopan, Detil

Saat sesi interview, pastikan lw fokus pada pertanyaan. Jangan sibuk jelalatan atau tangan sibuk garuk2 iih gak banget deh. 

Sesi ini adalah sesi untuk lw tau pekerjaan seperti apa yang nantinya bakal lw lakukan dan untuk perusahaan juga tau kira2 lw cocok gak di posisi yang ditawarkan. Bisa jadi mungkin awalnya lw ngelamar untuk posisi di operational, tapi karna saat interview lw terkesan talkative, lw di tawarin posisi lain. So pay attention pada deskripsi pekerjaan dan kalo lw ada ketidaksetujuan, sampaikan dengan sopan. Jangan iya2 tapi nantinya lw mengeluh.

Begitulah kira-kiranya. Sharing gw ini berdasarkan pengalaman dan pengamatan pribadi. Semoga membantu. 

See you in the next episodes of life,


Story #52. Melamar Pekerjaan? Peka-lah Dengan Statement Penolakan


Tahun baru nih, semoga semua harapan positif kita diimbangi dengan usaha untuk meraihnya ya! Bagi sebagian orang, mungkin mendapat pekerjaan yang lebih baik menjadi salah satu harapan baru. Motivasinya bisa beragam, dari nggak happy kerja di tempat yang sekarang, butuh pekerjaan dengan penghasilan lebih besar, jenuh, atau biasanya para fresh grad nih on fire untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan pertama.

Pelamar kerja biasanya mengirimkan surat lamaran pekerjaan beserta -minimal- CV ke perusahaan yang di tuju. Nggak semua pelamar bisa diterima karena jumlah karyawan pada posisi yang dibutuhkan tentu terbatas. Kecuali semacam “anak titipan bos”, minim lah berlaku penolakan. Nah, gw sebagai user, akan sharing beberapa statement yang umum digunakan untuk menolak kandidat.

  1. Kami akan kabari anda dalam 2 minggu kedepan. Jika kami tidak menghubungi anda kembali, berarti kita belum ada kesempatan untuk bekerja sama. -Ini pernyataan yang paling santun.
  2. Kami akan simpan CV anda di file aktif kami dan memberi kabar secepatnya begitu ada posisi yang sesuai dengan kualifikasi yang anda sebutkan di CV. -Faktanya, kalau next butuh kandidat baru untuk posisi lain, tentu akan menyebar ulang informasi lowongan pekerjaan instead of buka lagi data pelamar.
  3. Yang sy lihat pengalaman dan kemampuan anda sangat baik ya, cocok untuk di level manajerial, sayangnya saat ini hanya ada lowongan untuk di level staff. -Kemungkinannya, penolakan terjadi karna ada kandidat lain dengan kualifikasi sama/sedikit lebih rendah, tapi gaji yang diminta lebih rendah.
  4. Pengalaman dan kemampuan anda baik, tapi saat ini ada kandidat yang lebih mendekati kualifikasi yang kami butuhkan. Bukan berarti anda tidak qualify. -Kalo ini, user / pewawancaranya baik hati, berusaha membesarkan hati pelamar dan menolak dengan sangat halus.

Semua pernyataan diatas pernah gw denger sebagai pelamar, dan pernah juga gw pake sebagai user untuk menolak pelamar. Ada banyak pengembangan kalimatnya untuk sebuah penolakan. Tapi jangan berkecil hati, kalau rejeki gak akan kemana, jangan lupa imbangi dengan usaha dan doa ya! Next gw akan sharing manner yang baik untuk melamar pekerjaan menuju pekerjaan impian.


See you in the next episodes of life.