Story #54. Drama of the Year 2016 eps iPhone (part 1)

Hello there,

I was starting the year of 2016 with  a list of wishes and resolution. I have no idea that I’m about facing a year full of stories! My story about gadget is becoming something that I should write.

I was using a windows phone and android before I fall for iphone. I buy my iphone once after I failed persuade my father to sell his iphone 5s to me then he can buy new iphone, he’s worth for an iphone 7. But he refuse the idea. So once when I visit Singapore, i buy an iphone, it’s an SE series. Not yet launch in Indonesia. It’s under international guarantee and i’m in love with its rose gold color. Why should SE series? That’s only that i’m afford to buy, hehehe… not really lah, it’s handed, feeling fit in my hand, it has 5s body but 6performance, the spec is enough for me, above series will be too much, and I love the color! That is the most important about SE. I return to Jakarta and so excited to become a newbie.

A problem come when I saw a software update notification on the phone screen. I was like delay the update due to it will need a strong and sustain internet connection which I didn’t have. But then once upon a time in a silent weekend I feel like my internet connection is strong enough, I click the update button. Bad luck for me the internet connection was unstabil. So a while after there was a notif saying “Error Code: 56“. I do the back up as my first response, then yes, what i’m affraid is happen: phone is blank. It only shows the itunes icon but i can move no where. So I talked to some friends, I went to infinite and ibox as well but none of them can fix it. It should only the software for God sake!

If you’re an apple user, the worldwide customer service are the best! So I make a lot of call to tell my problem and they guide me step by step to do the update but it didn’t work out. We’re on a discussion that I need to go back to Singapore for a new replacement before at first I email istudio at Paragon, looking for their advice. They’re very cooperate. Fast response and go straight to the solution (in this case theysuggest me to the A. Lab or QCD as well as suggested by the customer service on the phone).

I made a travel arrangement after two weeks get stuck with a death iphone. I went to QCD at Wheelock building and tell them my problem and also the cust service advice for a new replacement unit on the spot. After they do the procedure like checking the phone for the error software and make sure that I didn’t go anywhere to break the hardware, the manager talk to me. He’s a kind India guy. He was confirm on me what is going on with the phone and why he should give a new replacement on the spot. Also asked me why should I fly to Sing as apple service center are available in some place in Indonesia, esp Jakarta area. I’m telling him what I heard from the service center guys that Indonesia was not yet release the SE series, so even my phone is under international guarantee I can not have a new replacement, that’s the policy. Also, even if it possible,  my phone should send to Sing and waiting for the approval and then a new unit will send from sing to Indo and it takes like weeks! (Not make sense for me). Anyway, the manager say that he should discuss my case internally and do the coordination with apple people so he asked me to wait for another 30min. I said okay and I remind him that I should catch a flight. It was 12.05pm, my flight was at 3pm.

After 30min the custumer service girl inform me that YES, I WILL HAVE A NEW REPLACEMENT UNIT ON THE SPOT! I was like Hurray! I grab her wrist and with a big smile on my face I say: “REALLY??? A new replacement unit? Right now?”. I fulfil the form and going back to Jakarta as scheduled with the new replacement unit. And it’s in the same color: the lovely pinky rose gold!

The customer service girl at QCD was telling me that that day was my lucky day. The apple people was there for a visitation. Therefore I can have a quick approval. Many people come need a new replacement but it’s not that easy to get the approval. About the Error 56 code it’s a very rare error that ever happen. However, QCD is a very good in response my case, the manager is simcerely hands on and the customer service girl (how come I forget her name, my bad). I was come to Wheelock before 10am, consider that they’ll open at 10, but they open at 11. Within 2 hours  my case was solved very well. QCD at wheelock is very recomended, despite the fact that apple people was there so i can have a quick approval.

See you in my next episodes of life!


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