Story #55. Do these 8 things for your best travelling plan

Hello there,

Have you ever feel that prepare a travelling plan sometimes take like forever but still you missed something? Here I got 8 things usually on my check list, I’ll share them for you 🙂

1. Flight Ticket and Hotel

Book a flight ticket and hotel to get the best deal is true. I have several travel app and I keep compare the price for the same hotel and flight. My best deals are always come from an app name Trav*L*ka. Prices are cheaper, set in the nett price, and the app is very easy to use.

2. Tour Destination

Sometimes, “the plan is no plan!”. It is wise to plan where and what kind of places you’ll visit during the trip. But sometimes other you can just go with the flow. Be spontan, do have  no plan. Try it! You can choose whether shopping, visit historical and/or religious place, join with the local people such visit a local school in the country side and having a fun time with the kids there. Learn their language, play around with them. Wherever you choose to go and whatever happen there, be happy!

3. Outfit

Make sure that shirts that we bring are suits to the places. My first travelling to Thailand I didn’t realize that I will visit vihara. All my shirts are sleveless/tank top, and of course hot pants as my most comfy ever. Everytime I visit vihara I have to pay 20BHT to rent a pashmina or a coat to cover my legs and arms.

4. Personal Medicine, Sewing Kit (at least peniti).

Yes, you do need to bring your personal medicine. For ease, I -try to- always bring a medicine for my gastric acid, the super magic stamp Salonpas, telon oil, and amox for just in case I had a sore throat attack! 

Bring also a bandage, it might help to save your foot finger if you walked a lot. The last, simply sewing kit like the one they provide at the hotels, or at least pin/peniti.

5. Copy of Personal Document

Nobody expect for bad things to happen. But it’s not bad to have a copy of your passpor. Do print it and bring along with you in a seperate pocket (don’t put it inside the passpor, for sure it’ll useless), and also have it in a soft copy in your email.

6. Electric Plugs

Because in a public area, sometimes you need like 3-4 plugs while you have to share the plug with other people. So bring our own plug is necessary thing to bring. I always bring it, and my bad, I often left it in the place I stay. Forget to put it back on my bag when I leave. 

7. Offline Map

Maybe it is not really necessary but  not every area in this world are covered by a good signal and isn’t it good to keep your internet quota? The main reason why I keep my nokia phone is because it’s offline nokia maps. Yippieee! 
8. Extra Bags

No matter where you go, try not to come back home with an empty handed. At least you bring a little gift from your journey, or, should prepare an extra bag(s) so you may load more gifts for people around you when you’re home.
My next episodes of life is coming!



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