Story #56. Drama of the Year eps iphone (part 2-end)

Hi there,

I was in A-Lab Singapore. I took an MRT from the airport, go straight to Plaza Singapura, no stop by for pee or meal, not even buy drink. I took morning flight from jakarta, get my ass sit on their waiting room at about 12.30pm. My iPhone was coinsidently death on my software update process a couple week before. I went back to sing, the country where I buy the iphone after I get rejection to have a service in Jakarta. The phone is under international guarantee but its not yet sale in Indonesia. 

My turn’s coming. I come to one of the CS desk. Telling all my problem. It was a young boy serve me. He plug my phone to his laptop and say that it was failed to do an update. What he did is exactly the same as I did. The result was remain the same: “Error Code: 56“.I told him that as suggested by online CS, I deserve a new replacement unit. He said okay but I got to wait like 10 working days. That’s sounds crazy for me. In fact, I don’t have 10 working days without the phone and i don’t come back to Sing just to pick up the new unit. The cost is too much for me. I mention all of it to him, then he went inside he said he need to talk to his manager. He said they can not help me to a new replacement on the spot. I can’t stand my emotion, tears start running out from my eyes. The boy seems sorry then he went inside again, give me tissues and call his… i don’t remember… a supervisor or his senior maybe, to assist me. But he can’t help either. His words was sharp as I remembered. “Whoever you are, even our manager have no advice but strict to the procedure.” 

My explanation seems meaningless at that moment. I fly across the neighbour country and gotta catch  another flight back to Jakarta in the next day. How come they have no solution for me. 
Minutes after I still can’t stop crying, this senior CS was suggest me to make a call to the online apple support. He showed me a small room, there’s a small round table, about 2-4 chairs there, and a  phone to call the online apple support. And the room is damn cold! I hate it! 

The thing about make a call to them is I keep waiting for crazy minutes. When I finally reach one of the them, I -again- tell my story to them. They do have a record of my issue but I still have to tell them myself that I was so frustated to be in such condition. I was make a few calls and assist with different person, I can’t hide them that I cry and feel so frustated. Finally at about 4pm, I got a deal from the apple support that she will give her authorization to the customer service in A.Lab to give me an express replacement unit. But the offer is bad for me, because it mean that I have to stay in Sing, and after like 3 days Apple will inform me that new unit is ready, the unit is about to send to my address (or to A.Lab, I forgot), but then I have to send back the unworking unit to them, and the delivery charge is on me. Both of the delivery: for the new unit that send to me and the unworking unit that I got to send back to them by myself. I didn’t agree with this solution.

Then I make a new call and another new pic assist me. It’s a woman, and as I told you before, I can’t hide that I was cry over and over again. All of the apple support team, for me they’re so kind and sincere. I remember one of the pic said to me, “Maam, please don’t cry. I know how frustated your condition right now but please stop crying. I would jump from the phone if I could and give you a direct replacement unit if I could.” I was surprised by such kind attention. 

A minute after, she asked me to call the CS that serve me in A. Lab to advice a new replacement on the spot. I went outside the room with a trembled knee and hands, had a headache and stomachache due to I had no lunch, not even drink. A.Lab provide free water for their customer and it’s a self service which I see the water spot on my way out leaving A. Lab for forever! I ignored that sickness and concentrate on my issue. I call the CS and he follow me into the room right away. 

Less than five minutes after he talked to the apple support, he said that he need to take my phone and checked with his manager for a new replacement. I was so excited, I think I had enough suffer for the day. It was 7pm. Unfortunately, the guy come back to the room, still bring my phone and mention me this words, “Sorry, but since your phone is under international guarantee, it’s againts our country policy to do a replacement on the spot. I already tell my manager too that you have to catch your flight by tomorrow, but sorry all we can offer you is the regular replacement or the express replacement. Up to you to choose.” I was like ‘damn!’ Then what’s the ‘international waranty’ stands for if even in the country that I buy I have no special term and condition?! I mean, what’s the different with not under international waranty!?

I make a new call to the apple support. I was so desperate and still can’t stop my tears running out. A new apple support assist me. She suggest me to go to another provider in Sing and see if she can give the apple supports authority for a new replacement unit on the spot! In my super desperate minute, I wonder is it worth to try? The girl said yes it is worth to try so I left A. Lab with an unsure feeling. I met the senior CS guy that serve me still there with the last customer I guess. I said thank you to him and telling him that I might probably come back in the morning if it necesaary. I fill my bottle there before I left the A. Lab. It was about 10pm, they turn off several lamps already, so with the mall as well. Walking out of that place, I soon looking for a toilet. I pee and for sure I puke! No meals that day, plus I feel so frustated. I went downstairs and thank God I still can stand on my own feet. 

At the end of the escalator, before the juction to the MRT station, I stop by to buy meal. I buy cheeseburger as I realize I need to eat something and considering the fact that whatever I ate I will puke it all within 45 minutes or less. I had a couple bite and feel like I can’t eat it no more. I wrap the rest, bring it to the place where I stay for the night. I walked to reach the MRT station, heading to Bugis. On the way to the hostel, I passed by Raflesia Hospital and can’t stand to puke. So I enter the lobby, and perfectly throw that two bites of cheeseburger into the toilet! 

That is end of the drama that day! Get out from the A. Lab with no result, coinsidently do fasting, sick at Raffless Hospital. All I ever want that night is nothing but a bed and painkiller.

Everyday is an anventure, and adventure has others story beside sweet and awesome.

See you in my next episodes of life!



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