Story #57. Favorite Hello Of The Year 2016

Hey there,

It’s 2017 now but I feel like have to write some episode of life that happen in 2016 🤓 …and so I’ll write about my favorite hello.

It was almost end of the year when I met this mate. I was stay the night at the same place with him.  He lives there but had an office work, i guess, at out of the guesthouse. Well then, it was late night when I get there and I feel so unwell. After the receptionist give me my room key, I walked to the room. My room was next to the kitchen and there I saw him. Cooking! He look so skilled with the pan and a big plastic bag that filled with several boxes of ingredients, I saw a bottle of olive oil too that he uses it and he was cook tuna as I smelled it so good. We say hi as it was our second time seeing each other. I’m about in a mess with a shabby face, sick, and broken heart (again). I wasn’t expect to meet anyone I knew before.

I found that he’s more friendly than I tought before. He was asking me if I’d like to join his dinner. I said ok but I should put my bag first in the room. As I feel so unwell due to gastric acid attack, he offer me his medicine. I remember that he left the kitchen and went upstairs to his room to get me his last pill. Really, that was the very last one! I touched by his kindness. But that was not stop on the medicine. He asked me to grab a hot water in a cup as he gave me a sachet of ginger and also a slice of lemon that I swear it taste sooooo gooood!!!

He said that he’s also a had a gastic acid. But as long as we took a lemon before we eat, we’ll cool. He’s right. We had our dinner together, and I found out that he’s so kind and nice and care, indeed 😊.

Well, a sweet hello in the right moment. I was miles away from home in an unwell condition and there’s someone take a good care of me. Giving me medicine, food, and care  for I have a good sleep at that night. That was my favorite hello of the year!

Too bad, in the morning I have no chance to see him again. He already left to work when I woke up. So I texted him for a goodbye. I left the hostel to do my business and catch the flight back to Jakarta in the evening. Hope to see him again sometime when he visit Jakarta or I shall visit his country again. See you around, C!



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