Story #58. My New Heart Community (Part 1)


Last weekend I decide to attend a retreat. I’m a catholic in a low level of spirituality, I guess. So a retreat might be good for me as my previous retreat was about… umm… 10 years ago? OMG! That was my second year in the university.

So, i was about to spend 3 days and 2 nights with another 30persons that i know nothing about them. All I know about the participants are what mentioned in the adv: minimum age 27, single, never been married. I don’t remember did they put the religion should be catholic or not. I guess they did ’cause I remember they asked me once. I know nobody there before. But I feel confident as I have nothing to be worry or affraid for. I don’t care, indeed. I need a short break after the hectic week of work, and this one looks perfect.
We start the activity on Friday evening in Wisma Puspanita, kind of homestay for a catholic retreat. The whole session was sharing from members about their struggle of life.

Aim of the retreat is that being a single catholic is a path of life. People may stay single for years, some other may see someone and get married, some others keep on dating and loosing or might in a short stupid relationship that always ended up with tears and a broken heart. A lot of stories, but thru real friendship in the community, we ain’t loose hope and spirit for life. Plus, we pray the same way, that mean something for the spirituality. It says that real friendship is to love, to forgive, and to serve.

There was sharing from 3 singles that open up our eyes for single stories that we might ever face the same situation. Common stories of being single, but different strugle. The sharing mean to inspire the participants, like one of couple that we called “Mami”, her childhood story remind me to Oshin story. She was sold by her father when she was about 6 and she was practicing karate to defense herself from step siblings that mean to her. Another sharing comes from singles and nun. The participants are welcome to celebacy if they felt called to be a monk.

I’m just so happy and bless to be in this community. My room mates are crazy, we plan to travelling together just a week after it. We have so much fun together and I’m hoping that the whole process is to bring us to be a person with a new heart that eager to love, to forgive, and to serve one another.

See you in my next episodes of life,

 Ciao! 😎