Story #59. Cheers To The Freakin’ Weekend

Hey there,

How are you guys doing? If you’re about to spend a weekend with your gank, then you may consider what I’ll show you.

Wanna guess where? It’s in Maribaya, Bandung. As we’re stayin Jakarta, we took a travel on friday night after office hour. It took about 2-3hours to reach Bandung thru highway. From Jakarta, the travel fare is 120K per person. The travel bus dropped us in their final stop in Cihampelas. We stay the night at the airbnb hotel close to Ciwalk. My best suggestion, do book the hotel days before, or if you book on the spot please compare the price that shows in traveloka or etc and direct call to the hotel.

We start our journey early in the morning. We took a rent car that picked us up in the hotel and take us to The Lodge Maribaya. Cost for the rent car was 700K for a full day book, include the driver and gas. We stop by at small resto for a breakfast on our way to Maribaya. The trip took about couple hours. Thank God we had breakfast  because the road is rocky, might cause you sick if you had empty stomach.

The Lodge Maribaya is an outdoor attraction. Suits for family (not suggest for babies) and friends. You should pay 20K per pax at the entrance gate and you deserve for a free fresh water when you exit (we didn’t took the water anyway, forgot we had one). Inside, you’ll find beautiful mountain view and some attraction you can play and took a great photo spot such sky tree, zip bike (this one is so much fun, swear, you should try!), and sky wing. Should pay (again) 15K – 20K for each. It’s not an all in ticket, so you won’t feel bad or feel lost if you ain’t play anything just because you don’t have enough guts to play! LoL!

We spent like a half day there. We stop due to the rain that comes right after we play the zip bike. We trapped with the rain but we’re happy with the siomay and mendoan at the food court there. They do not allow us to bring F&B from outside, but the food taste there are not bad at all. We leave there after the rain.

Our late lunch was in sundanese restaurant. We ate a lot and having a good deal. 7pax (big portion) and spent less than 300K. WOW!

After it we leave to the downtown. We visit a Upside Down World at Lebak Gede, Coblong. Pay the ticket 100K per each. A bit expensive, yes, but you won’t be sorry cause you’ll have your best experinces having a loooooottt of cute photos! There are staff that will happily helped us taking good pictures!

End of The Upside Down World, we drive to Lembang and having a coffee time in Lawangwangi Art Lounge Bandung. The F&B price is a bit expensive but the view and the place is worth it all :-). Too bad it was foggy so we have limited photo shoot. But it was a lot of fun as we always have some fun in every single situation! We end up our journey that night by staying at the hotel at Lembang, then go to drink fresh milk, and having a mid night dinner! LoL. As we leave in the morning, we were having lunch at Lapo and spoil ourselves eating pork which is so delicious, like you can taste heaven at the tips of your tongue (Haha… I’m sorry, I’m just a pork lover).

That’s how we spent our short weekend!

I’m sorry for not sharing too many pictures here. If you feel interest, then you should explore it yourself! Go grab your backpack for this weekend.


See you in my next episodes of life stories.