Story #62. Born To Die

Come and take a walk on the wild side. Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain. You like your girls insane. Choose your last words.

This is the last time… ‘Cause you and I, we were born to die… (Lana del Ray)

This is such a nice place in the morning! Been months I spent my sunday morning here for falun dafa, but don’t talk to me about my consistency practicing falun dafa. I am at the lowest level. Some people practicing yoga and tai chi here, and also aerobic πŸ˜…. Yeah, aerobic. The one with a loud music. Hard beat, also screams sometimes, while other excercises use only such instrumental. I sit down here waiting for my partner to come. With that loud music from the aerobic corner, I find it is not easy to concentrate here, but it’s a challange , I guess. Whatever. I used to come to this place years ago, spent the night with bunch of friends. I was early 20es, young, naif, and stupid! Late in the afternoon till drop this place is a hawker center. There are some restaurant as well, including two fancy korean restaurant, which I don’t like any, for me, Bornga is still the best! 

Sometimes I wonder and imagine randome things. Like the second I sit  here, listening to Lana del Ray singing we were born to die. My memory’s back to random moments in the past. What should a human do in their live if we were only born to die? What do they search? Why can’t we choose the way we die? I remember my 10years old nephew give a thought about death, he said “What makes people die? I mean, in what term God is taking someone’s live? A new born baby can die as well as an adult die cause of ill. A baby isn’t yet living a life, an adult might not yet enough time to do good things for people around, not enough chances to do awesome things in life. Kalo aku yang meninggal gimana? Baru umur segini, rasanya naik bajaj aja belom tau.” It was a stupid couple minute shocking moment for me as I never expect such question come from a kid. 

Well, technically we’re all were born to die. But life is about how we live the life, how we feel, how we deal. I believe that before we born, we’re all a free spirit. And then right before the universe magically blows us into a woman’s womb, turn us into fetus, we have had deal about whatever we face in life. It include happy and sad, up and down, consequences of options we take, chances, wtf. The second we born, it was like we push a reset button. We don’t remember what we had deal with the universe. We’re all an empty mind, growth to learn and to search our own meaning in life. To feel pain, to live the drama, to fullfil the emptyness of our souls. 

I’ve walk at the darkest and wildest side of my life. I can’t see what’s in front of me, all I know is to keep walking… 

…Would you walk with me? Be alive with me, let me kiss you hard under the pouring rain… We can lay down somewhere under the sky, don’t you know every second we look up to the sky is a handmade view from the universe just for us? If there’s another second I look up after you kiss my lips, the universe capture me another view. I wanna hear you whisper me your last word, perhaps this is the last time, cause we were born to die.


See you in the next stories πŸ˜‰


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