Story #72. Another Year Older (And Still As Sexy As Ever)

Untitled-2Oct, 14th. 2017.


It was a bbq night after we had a  fun session of the retreat. We’re less than 20 people there which is perfect! The bbq little party was outdoor in the backyard, the same place we had meal day and night. The night was a clear sky, wind blowing a little bit cold as we’re on the mountain area. We’re all enjoying soda, chips, french fries while we’re waiting the sausage guy served his best grilled sausage, LoL, nah, no waiters, we’re all self service. I was here because bunch of my besties were here, one of them came from Surabaya. How can I missed the chance to not be with them : ) But I must say, the sessions of the retreat was awesome! I’ll tell you about this in another page.


Well, as I was busy eating snacks I look around and realize that some people are missing. I went inside to grab whoever might sleep in the room. But I met a girl before I reach the bed room, I asked her “hey where’ve you been? you plan to sleep earlier, eh? hahaha…”. She reply me with a big smile on her face, “I’m looking for Grace, oh look there she is!” she pointed a girl behind me then lead me turn back to the bbq area. While after I hear a happy birthday song play in the speaker with a high volume. I had nothing in mind, well, maybe one of us ever plan to have an early birthday celebration but I had no idea it would be here. Among people we know just now. Three of us, our birth date are close to each other. A second while I’m still busy with my mind and eating chips,   a small cake come with three candles, some yelled “Happy Birthday!!!”. I was so surprise. I saw the candles, I guess those are kind of candles firecrackers? that when you blew it and think it is done, it could be on fire again. LoL, but we’re in outdoor anyway, the wind helps us so we ain’t get too much effort to blew the candles! I was asking several times, “hey, is it really for us?” as I still can’t believe they do it here. I have an additional reason to be happy that night! and the sweet perfect little surprise is a bonus! I love you, guys!!!


I check on the photos, can’t lie, happiness looks gorgeous on all of us! And three of us, like you see, another year older and we’re still sexy as ever : ). Sometimes happiness is a feeling, sometimes it is a decision.



Cheers for birthday boys and girls on October! Ciao!

See you in my next episodes of life.


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