Story #73. Time will Heal, Time will Kill

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It’s you and me, we’re no longer “us” as it’s always just “you” and “I” since the beginning.


You talk to me about the future which I don’t see. Walk with me even I’ve told you I can promise you nothing. Stay by my side without any doubt. I don’t beg, not even asked you to stay.


We often talk about random things. You said my music taste is good, well thank you, while I stupidly hard to understand the songs that you listen to. I often need to hear it more than once to find the meaning and trying to understand why you like that kind of songs, and you share me a loooot of songs. LoL. I listen to kind of easy listening songs, my limited brain can accept it better. You listen to umm.. indie? (not sure). In my mind you’re smart and that’s cool, really. We just keep talking to each other, there’s always story to tell. My stories are mostly about my own stupidity. Do you realize that most of the time we didn’t asked things like “where are you?” and “what are you doing?”. We’re busy talking about nonsense and laugh about stuff and our imagination. Remember when you leave for a duty somewhere out of the city, then stop by to the beach and the guy that you go with is never take pictures properly. He was always capture it wrong. You were in the right place with the wrong person! Really I wish I were there with you, at least I can give you a better shot of photograph. LoL.


Time goes by. I really had a good time with you. Always. We’re getting closer and I warned you not to fall for me. I mean it but it’s too late. You said you find home in me. I don’t feel the same, I’m sorry to hurt you. Call me cruel, call me heartless but I’m just being honest, because lies hurt you the most. I let the memories of us stay as they are constant reminders of an episode of life, so I let it be. Old saying said that time will heal a broken heart. Maybe time heals nothing. It just replaces memories. Maybe time will heal, maybe time will kill.


You will heal, but it will take time for you to fall for someone again.” Love is a slippery slope. It can either be the most beautiful thing in the world, or the most devastating feeling in the history of human existence. It has the potential to be an enchanting and magical experience and also to be a treacherous and traumatizing affair. We all have our own unique love stories; each of them varying by degrees and kinds. Some of them are great and terrific, while others are toxic and danger…(~the conscious mind).