Story #66. Drama Asam Lambung

Hey you! :- )

I’m coffee lover, I eat spicy food, and any other delicious food and baverage yang gak boleh dimakan penderita asam lambung akut. Kalo lagi sehat banget ya gue asik-asik aja. But it’s a disaster when it comes up. Gue bisa cuma duduk di tangga kantor di depan toilet, cuma bolak balik muntah. Padahal yang dimuntahin juga cuma air, secara udah terlanjur kumat! Minum air aja keluar lagi, makanan mana sanggup masuk!

So, I was about having a late lunch in a busy day. I promise a friend I’ll come by to do him a favor while I had a late treatment at the body spa 😦  I was in a hurry when I’m done at the day spa at around 1pm. I feel unwell, I don’t think I could drive myself. So I drop my car at home and took a commuter line to my friends place. Gak jauh-jauh amat sih cuma dari Karawaci ke Petojo. I should wait for like 20 minutes at the station because I just missed the train. Arrived at Duri station, another friend inisiatively pick me up. It was a hot day as I remember, I got headache and stomach was feels like hell and it’s getting worse padahal gue gak mau keliatan kalo gue lagi sakit! I don’t want my friend to feel sorry. Kan gue sakit bukan salah dia. Thank God I can lay my head for a while in his car, lol.

When we finally arrive at my friends place, we were working in a hurry. He was working on a short movie video and I do my part as necessary. I had a pancake with vanilla ice cream and also a cup of hot chocolate. It should be yummy if only I’m at my best health. Sayangnya enggak! 😦 Tapi tetep sih gue makan semua (๑・̑◡・̑๑)

Later when we had done, the one that pick me up at the station offer me a ride, he knows that I was sick. So I get in his car, can’t help to stay awake any longer. I close my eyes but I feel hell in my head and stomach. I was start to cry a little bit. He was about stop by at the atm nearby. I said “I’ll wait in the car“, so he keep the aircon on. Can’t help myself not to puke, I open up the door and puke! About 5 minute after  it, he’s back. He said he’ll drive me home. But I’m such a heartless idiot if I let him do that. Rumahnya di Duren Sawit, gue ke Karawaci, and we were at somewhere in Jakbar. It’s like Sun Go Kongs story, heading west from east looking for a scripture.

I got sick for another couple time after it. Everytime I feel sick, I open up the door and puke. I was about drive him mad karna sembarangan buka pintu bisa celakain pengguna jalan lain kan. He got an idea. He called a friend to accompany our stupid jurney. We pick up his friend, he’s leaving nearby, stop by at the alfamart to buy some drinks and tolak angin. Gue juga dibikinin air gula, baik banget kan temen gue… yang pada akhirnya gue minum seteguk dan berakhir di kantong plastik! He was asked the cashier girl an extra plastic bag. Sengaja. Buat gue muntah biar gak kebangetan nyusahin dan celakain dia. It was the longest trip from jakbar to home. Damn!

We made it. I arrived home safely. His friend had smoking before left the house. “Sebabut” : “sebatang, cabut”. Gue langsung tidur. Perut kosong. Sakit banget mompa muntah. Ga sanggup makan. Baru besokan paginya gue makan! 👻
Been a couple week after it, I hangout with this guy, the one that drives me home. We were with some other fellows. I said, ” …hey, btw, how’s your friend doing? He’s such a good guy ya that he don’t mind to accompany you driving that far”. He answered me slow, “ooh, he’s doin fine. He might worry about you and the baby”. 

Eeh? What baby? Lo yang gila apa gue yang budeg!
His explanation was undebateable. “Jadi gini nes, lo kan sakit, muntah-muntah.. Ya kan gue ajak temen mesti pake alasan donk.. and the reason is should be dramatic.. so I made up a story that you are pregnant. You were good in acting like a pregnant woman that day.”

Oh he’s sucks and I feel like a crap!!
He continue his story, so his friend was agree to accompany him. While he saw me, he believe that I’m pregnant. On their way back to Jakarta, his friend was asking “So, what would you do now? Marry her?” My friend was like “yeah, as it’s mine so yeah, what else can I do”. 

WTF! I wasn’t pregnant, I’m just disgustingly put him in a situation. I hate that his explanation was so right. Siapa juga orang gila mau nempuh jakarta barat – karawaci – duren sawit 🙈.



Story #65. Things About Punching, Kicking, and YOU, and also stuff!

Hello there!

Saturday. I was attended a body combat class this afternoon. I love it like always. The class is about punching, kicking, strike, and sometimes jumping if you’re kinda on “energy explosion” mode on. Wondering what makes me love the class… All of the moves are a challenging mix of martial arts and endurance, unleashing strength I never knew I had. It’s like 60minutes that I can leave whatever on my messy mind just to –mostly– punch.

Have you ever feel like your mind is empty and messy at the same time? Don’t know what you thinking of but also feels like you full of shit. Do I look stupid for saying such thing? Well, I am! At the combat class I punch and kick the air, yeah an empty air. The air is as empty as my mind, but  my body is as busy as my mind, what a mess. The first time I’m join in this class, I imagine many things that bother me that day, and you and also some other faces that annoy me, and then imagine stuff that I don’t like but I can do nothing about it, and all those frustrated stuff magically energize me to punch, to kick, to jab, to strike, and even to jump. That was fun until as time goes by I can enjoy the moves with the music beat and energized by a happy feeling. Sometimes in the middle of the class, I feel like I can’t punch anymore. Had my heart race, out of breathe. Kadang sampai mau muntah rasanya. I don’t care, I just slow down for a while instead. But that’s the good thing, minutes when I don’t feel my self, minutes that I don’t think, minutes that i don’t remember how to feel any emotion. I just punch and kick as the rhythm play.  I feel it like a kick drum, beating faster in my chest. I start to enjoy it. My moves is no longer about anger and frustration but it turn into a happy feeling. Have no idea why it turn that way. The emotion just blew up and gone. The more I think about nothing, I can kick higher, I can punch stronger, I jump… errr.. not good, never higher than everyone at the class, but at least I try to jump, LoL!

I read this once that neurologist claim that every time you resist acting on your anger, you’re actually rewiring your brain to be calmer and more loving. Somehow it probably right. It’s a complicated world, plus you and stuff are sucks. Sometimes I get mad and I punch -the empty air, iya laah, i don’t punch people- I keep punching and when I feel like I can’t punch anymore, i just… PUNCH!


PS. I find my body in pain after the class, as always. But I don’t care. I love the pain instead. Just like I do love the complicated world. As complicated as your crazy love. It’s your saying, “Love is either crazy or it’s nothing at all” –Milan Kundera.



See you in my next episodes of life.

Story #56. Drama of the Year eps iphone (part 2-end)

Hi there,

I was in A-Lab Singapore. I took an MRT from the airport, go straight to Plaza Singapura, no stop by for pee or meal, not even buy drink. I took morning flight from jakarta, get my ass sit on their waiting room at about 12.30pm. My iPhone was coinsidently death on my software update process a couple week before. I went back to sing, the country where I buy the iphone after I get rejection to have a service in Jakarta. The phone is under international guarantee but its not yet sale in Indonesia. 

My turn’s coming. I come to one of the CS desk. Telling all my problem. It was a young boy serve me. He plug my phone to his laptop and say that it was failed to do an update. What he did is exactly the same as I did. The result was remain the same: “Error Code: 56“.I told him that as suggested by online CS, I deserve a new replacement unit. He said okay but I got to wait like 10 working days. That’s sounds crazy for me. In fact, I don’t have 10 working days without the phone and i don’t come back to Sing just to pick up the new unit. The cost is too much for me. I mention all of it to him, then he went inside he said he need to talk to his manager. He said they can not help me to a new replacement on the spot. I can’t stand my emotion, tears start running out from my eyes. The boy seems sorry then he went inside again, give me tissues and call his… i don’t remember… a supervisor or his senior maybe, to assist me. But he can’t help either. His words was sharp as I remembered. “Whoever you are, even our manager have no advice but strict to the procedure.” 

My explanation seems meaningless at that moment. I fly across the neighbour country and gotta catch  another flight back to Jakarta in the next day. How come they have no solution for me. 
Minutes after I still can’t stop crying, this senior CS was suggest me to make a call to the online apple support. He showed me a small room, there’s a small round table, about 2-4 chairs there, and a  phone to call the online apple support. And the room is damn cold! I hate it! 

The thing about make a call to them is I keep waiting for crazy minutes. When I finally reach one of the them, I -again- tell my story to them. They do have a record of my issue but I still have to tell them myself that I was so frustated to be in such condition. I was make a few calls and assist with different person, I can’t hide them that I cry and feel so frustated. Finally at about 4pm, I got a deal from the apple support that she will give her authorization to the customer service in A.Lab to give me an express replacement unit. But the offer is bad for me, because it mean that I have to stay in Sing, and after like 3 days Apple will inform me that new unit is ready, the unit is about to send to my address (or to A.Lab, I forgot), but then I have to send back the unworking unit to them, and the delivery charge is on me. Both of the delivery: for the new unit that send to me and the unworking unit that I got to send back to them by myself. I didn’t agree with this solution.

Then I make a new call and another new pic assist me. It’s a woman, and as I told you before, I can’t hide that I was cry over and over again. All of the apple support team, for me they’re so kind and sincere. I remember one of the pic said to me, “Maam, please don’t cry. I know how frustated your condition right now but please stop crying. I would jump from the phone if I could and give you a direct replacement unit if I could.” I was surprised by such kind attention. 

A minute after, she asked me to call the CS that serve me in A. Lab to advice a new replacement on the spot. I went outside the room with a trembled knee and hands, had a headache and stomachache due to I had no lunch, not even drink. A.Lab provide free water for their customer and it’s a self service which I see the water spot on my way out leaving A. Lab for forever! I ignored that sickness and concentrate on my issue. I call the CS and he follow me into the room right away. 

Less than five minutes after he talked to the apple support, he said that he need to take my phone and checked with his manager for a new replacement. I was so excited, I think I had enough suffer for the day. It was 7pm. Unfortunately, the guy come back to the room, still bring my phone and mention me this words, “Sorry, but since your phone is under international guarantee, it’s againts our country policy to do a replacement on the spot. I already tell my manager too that you have to catch your flight by tomorrow, but sorry all we can offer you is the regular replacement or the express replacement. Up to you to choose.” I was like ‘damn!’ Then what’s the ‘international waranty’ stands for if even in the country that I buy I have no special term and condition?! I mean, what’s the different with not under international waranty!?

I make a new call to the apple support. I was so desperate and still can’t stop my tears running out. A new apple support assist me. She suggest me to go to another provider in Sing and see if she can give the apple supports authority for a new replacement unit on the spot! In my super desperate minute, I wonder is it worth to try? The girl said yes it is worth to try so I left A. Lab with an unsure feeling. I met the senior CS guy that serve me still there with the last customer I guess. I said thank you to him and telling him that I might probably come back in the morning if it necesaary. I fill my bottle there before I left the A. Lab. It was about 10pm, they turn off several lamps already, so with the mall as well. Walking out of that place, I soon looking for a toilet. I pee and for sure I puke! No meals that day, plus I feel so frustated. I went downstairs and thank God I still can stand on my own feet. 

At the end of the escalator, before the juction to the MRT station, I stop by to buy meal. I buy cheeseburger as I realize I need to eat something and considering the fact that whatever I ate I will puke it all within 45 minutes or less. I had a couple bite and feel like I can’t eat it no more. I wrap the rest, bring it to the place where I stay for the night. I walked to reach the MRT station, heading to Bugis. On the way to the hostel, I passed by Raflesia Hospital and can’t stand to puke. So I enter the lobby, and perfectly throw that two bites of cheeseburger into the toilet! 

That is end of the drama that day! Get out from the A. Lab with no result, coinsidently do fasting, sick at Raffless Hospital. All I ever want that night is nothing but a bed and painkiller.

Everyday is an anventure, and adventure has others story beside sweet and awesome.

See you in my next episodes of life!


Story #39. Yearly Resolution and a Future Plan

Hello there… this is nothing but junk! I suppose to write this down early 2016, but i skipped it. Thinking that I will just keep it for myself. But then i think i would better to write it. Hope any random reader would wish me luck! LOL You may stop reading by this line it’s okay 🙂

I have a few list about the way i will live my life ahead. At least for a year, this is the things I promised myself to achieve:

  • Having more time for yoga and exercise at the gym (at least back to old time routine 4 times a week).
  • Get a new boyfriend with a heart. Avoid heartless asshole!
  • Finishing car installment (on May)
  • Visit Thailand
  • Going to university for Master program. Maybe around mid year? Major study must be Communication Study. Perhaps one day I had a chance to become a lecturer.(woohoooo… yeaaayyy!!). This is become my long-term obsession, I noted “Agnes Pratiwi, MM. Year:2018”
  • Celebrate Christmas 2016 with all family member.
  • Attend at least 1 church activity such retreat or camp or something.

Well those are 7 of 8 personal yearly resolution. I kept my very personal number 8 for just my self and God.

I sometimes face questions here, that people asking like, “why don’t you get married?”, “when will you get married?”, “do you have any boyfriend?”, “are you now seeing somebody?”. Those questions are silly. For me, I am now happy for what I have now. Enjoy become 30 and a single, dating sometimes, hangout with some friends, living my routine…bla..bla..bla.. But doesn’t mean I will live this way forever. I believe God prepared me someone, He shall let us met at His time. So today I pray for God to keep him safe and well, wherever he is, whatever he do now. Like I said on my birth day, I let God be the pen, I consecrate myself become an empty paper. I’ll still be happy whether I stay single or getting married.  I’ll be fine whether I stand alone or I’m with somebody because I decide my own happiness, it don’t depend on anyone.

Good night,


Story #35. Good Morning Yogyakarta

Hello Yogya!

Pada suatu waktu di Yogyakarta, gw bermalam di salah satu guest house di daerah Petukangan, Yogyakarta. Bangun pagi dengan terburu-buru setelah tidur singkat malam sebelumnya, rencana mau kejar kereta pagi ke Solo, udah janjian sama Christian mau main ke tempat Hendrik a.k.a Koko Sun.

Sambil nganter kunci kamar ke rumah induk guest house (beda rumah sama guest house yang gw tempatin), gw celingukan mencari tempat bertanya yang berpotensi bisa membantu. Pas keluar dari rumah induk itu, di halaman depan ada cowok duduk manis kayaknya bisa nih diganggu dikit. Jadi gw mulai tanya -tanya donk,

“Mas, cari ojek dimana ya?”

“Ojek ya.. jalan kedepan sana mbak…” Masnya nunjuk ke arah keluar gang, dan itu agak jauh sih, padahal gw butuh bisa sampe stasiun Tugu dalam 10 menit!

“Wah, ada yang lebih deket nggak ya mas?”

“Pake grab bike atau gojek mbak”

“Mas ada nggak aplikasinya? saya sih nggak ada” Iyalah, gw pake hp windows. Itu aplikasi cuma ada di android! kalo udah gini, agak nyesel setia sama windows : (

“Saya nggak ada juga mbak”, mas ngapain tadi nawarin deh ah.. “Mbak mau kemana sih?”

Aha! pertanyaan yang buat gw berarti peluang nih. “Saya mau ke stasiun Tugu mas, apa mas aja yang anter saya? Yuk mas!” Haha.. muka gw ngarep doonk…

Pucuk dicinta, ulam pun tiba, kata masnya “Oh cuma stasiun tugu saya anter aja mbak”

Gw sumringah donk! Yess!! Dan sambil nggak tau diri, tanpa tanya nama atau apapun, gw minta mas nya buruan berangkat, dan ngebut. Itu permintaan gw aja sih, faktanya mas nya tetap mengedepankan keselamatan berkendara, bahkan menyediakan helm buat gw sebagai penumpang. Sambil naik motor, si mas misterius penyelamat transportasi gw ini sempet ngobrol-ngobrol tentang kenapa gw nggak ke stasiun lempuyangan aja, tentang kenapa gw nginepnya di situ, asal dari mana, dsb dst dll. Gw jawab-jawab aja, sama sekali nggak nanya balik, malah sibuk nyari duit yang nantinya sebagai tanda terima kasih gw ke mas ini. Nggak berapa lama, nyampe deh kita di Stasiun Tugu Yogyakarta.

Gw turun dari motor dan masih inget gw bilang, “Oke mas saya disini aja, saya mau lari itu temen saya udah nungguin”. Pas mau kasih tanda terima kasih yang tadinya gw udah lipet rapih itu agak awkward ya, posisi si mas diatas motor, gw berdiri di sampingnya, berdebat sengit-sengit halus sbb:

“Mas, makasih banyak ya, ini mas buat parkir” sambil muka gw mesam mesem seneng donk gak jadi telat sampe stasiun. Tapi tangan gw ditepis mas nya, katanya “waduh apa sih ini, nggak usah mbak…”

Gw insist lah, “Ih mas, jangan ditolak donk. Kan udah nganterin saya, malah saya minta2 ngebut lagi tadi, gpp ya mas” gw tetep sodorin itu ke masnya. Tangan gw mengarah ke badannya, mau masukin ke saku jaket, eh tapi si mas gak jaketan, cuma kaos doang. Mau masukin ke kantong celana, nanti gw di cap asusila. Duh, gimana ya, jadi gak enak hati.

Sementara itu, tangan si mas mengarah ke muka gw. Lah.. mas ini apa coba tangannya. Gw blank, gak ngerti maksudnya. Tapi gw tepis-tepis halus tangan si mas sambil tetep nyodorin tanda terima kasih gw itu. “Mas, ini mas… gpp ya..”. Dan respon si mas, “Duh mbak, gak usah mbak, gratis kok. Helm nya aja yang mbak pake itu sini kembaliin”. HAAHHHH!! Seketika gw sadar, Oh Iya gw pake helm!! Gebleeekk! Jadi sedari tadi tangan mas nya itu maksudnya nunggu gw copot helm dan dia nerima helm.

Percampuran rasa nahan ngakak, malu, gemes, bodoh menjalari hati! Akhirnya gw copot helm, dan tanya nama si mas! The last thing, gw selipin itu tanda terima kasih tadi ke laci motor di bawah stang dan bilang, “Mas **** (gw lupa namanya) makasih ya, ini buat parkir, ati-ati di jalan ya mas, dadaaahhh….” dan gw ngacir lari setelah 1 detik menatap dan kasih senyum sama si mas sebagai bukti kesungguhan gw berterima kasih.

Kekonyolan tidak berakhir disitu, saudara-saudara. Besokan harinya, gw cerita donk sama seluruh anggota keluarga gw. Guest house itu juga kebetulan kepunyaan temen dedek gw waktu jaman dia kuliah di Jogja dulu sih gw rasa. Dedek gw pendengar yang baik waktu itu walaupun komentarnya yang paling menohok:

Dedek: “hah, karyawan? mas nya yang duduk-duduk di teras (halaman) depan rumah itu?”

Gw: “Iya, kayaknya dia lagi gak ngapa-ngapain, trus dia malah nawarin nganter gw. Ya gw mau lah, sikaaattt maaann!”

Dedek: “Itu mah bukan karyawan, itu temennya si Laura” (Laura adalah yang punya guest house)

Gw: “Hah?!?!?” WTF$$%^&*(*^%$%^&**&^%$%^& *merasakan kebodohan lebih dalam ketimbang kasus helm kemarin*

Ya terang aja itu bukan karyawan, setelah gw inget-inget lagi, si mas lagi duduk-duduk di bangku dengan meja kayu berpayung besar di halaman rumah utama guest house, dan ada laptop di depannya. Kalo dia karyawan, masa iya pagi-pagi duduk manis ongkang-ongkang gitu sementara di dalam rumah ada kesibukan beberapa orang yang masak lah, yang bebenah rumah lah. Kejanggalan lain adalah, logatnya bukan logat orang jawa, malah logat bali gw rasa. Juga waktu gw sebut “Stasiun Tugu” si mas masih agak mikir, kayaknya dia berusaha mengingat ingat dimana letaknya dan jalan kesana lewat mana. Menandakan bahwa dia berkemungkinan besar juga turis domestik. Oneng banget gw. Semoga si mas yang gw lupa namanya ini gak tersinggung ya sama tingkah polah gw.

Anyway, Laura Guest House di daerah Petukangan is my best experience ever! Thanks to Laura and her sister yang mau diganggu tengah malem dan bahkan mengorbankan kamar yang sebenernya mereka pakai tidur.

For your reference, this this my reccomend Laura’s Backpacker 532 for your best backpacker’s travelling experiences! Go To Laura’s Backpacker 532


See you in the next episodes of life!

Story#31. Bekel Makan Siang

Hey, ada yang pernah / bahkan sering bawa bekal makan siang ke kantor selain gw?

Sejak kembali lagi ke rumah orangtua (hampir 2th ini) gw jadi sering bawa bekal makan siang ke kantor. Ada 2 alasan utama buat gw:

    1. Masakan nyokap enak
    2. I do not do dinner

Berawal dari gw gendut, butuh diet, dan gak makan malam. Padahal masakan nyokap enak-enak sementara gw kalo pulang kerja kan malem, lalu atas nama diet gak mungkin gw makan donk. Makan siang gw malah biasanya beli. Pas weekend jangan tanya, malah justru kadang nyokap libur masak. Hmm.. otak gw berpikir –agak– keras tentang gimana ya biar gw tetep bisa makan masakan nyokap? Masa’ udah balik lagi ke rumah malah jarang makan masakan rumah!? Waktu awal-awal diet dulu, gw bawa bekal nasi merah (nasi beras merah). Nasi merahnya doang, sayur dan lauk beli. Tapi aktivitas itu berhenti setelah gw gak tahan saban siang dicemberutin sama Ibu Kantin. Katanya, “nasi saya banyak kenapa cuma lauk sama sayur aja sih!“, lalu berlanjut pada tulisan yang ditempel di tembok “Dilarang membawa makanan dari luar”. Gw rasa ini karena sejak gw bawa bekal nasi merah trus beberapa member kantin gw liat pada ikutan bawa nasi sendiri juga, beberapa diantaranya nasi merah. Mungkin mereka juga diet. Yasudahlah, so i stop.

Suatu kali, gw kena gejala tipes. Setelah beberapa hari bed rest, gw balik beraktivitas seperti semula. Bedanya dengan kondisi lambung yang masih sensi, gw bawa bekal makanan sehat (baca: makanan orang sakit) dari rumah. Setelah beberapa waktu bawa bekel dari rumah malah jadi kebiasaan. Tentang diet, walupun sekarang berat badan gw udah turun banyak tapi tetep gak makan malam. Jarang. Seringnya gak minat. Mungkin jadi kebiasaan padahal diet udah ga ketat2 banget lagi.

Nah, balik masalah makan, akhirnya gw ber-ide, kalo ada masakan nyokap yang bisa diangetin buat besoknya gw jadiin tuh bekal buat makan siang di kantor. Bahkan, kalo gak ada rencana lunchie di luar gw bawa bekal dari rumah. Walopun kadang cuma nasi sama telor mata sapi, tapi kalo yang masak nyokap sih rasanya tetep paling cihuy!

Dari 2 alasan yang tadi gw sebutin, sekarang nambah 1 alasan lagi: “Kapan lagi?!

Kapan lagi dimanja nyokap dg bekal makan siang?!

Kapan lagi makan siang bisa selalu sehat & higienis, 100% dimasak di rumah?!

Mumpung gw & nyokap masih ada waktu untuk bangun sedikit lebih pagi, ada tenaga untuk nyiapin bekal, dan ada kesempatan untuk masak dan makan masakan nyokap, kenapa enggak! Kalo ditanya sampe kapan gw mau bawa bekal makan siang masakan nyokap, gw bakal jawab “selama mungkin Tuhan kasih sisa waktu, tenaga, dan kesempatan”.


Ciao 🙂



Story #25. Cerita Roker: Unspoken Cynical

Di stasiun transit. Nunggu kereta menuju Tangerang. Berdiri berjejer bersama sejuta umat. Kondisi lelah pulang kerja. Mendengar pembicaraan dari dua ibu-ibu yang tidak saling kenal tapi saling berbasa basi.

A: Ibu mw kemana bu? (nada suara terdengar sumringah. Ibu paruh baya ini berdua sama cowo, yang selama berdiri sibuk rangkul2an)
B: Ke Tangerang (nada ceria, berusaha ramah)
Gw (dalam hati): Iyalah ke tangerang. Nunggunya di sebelah sini!

A: Oh Tangerang ya.. Sama donk. Kita jg mw ke tangerang.
Gw (dalam hati) : Kalo sama so what!
A: Mw kejar bakso yg enak banget tuhh.. (makin sok ramah)
B: Ooo…yaa… (nada cerianya turun 1 oktaf. Tanggapan seadanya tapi tetep berusaha ramah)
Gw (dalam hati): Emangnya ada yg nanya situ mw ngapain di tempat tujuan!

A: (melanjutkan keceriaan) .. Tp qta mw ke rumah sodara dulu nih.. Mmm.. Dimana tuh yank?
Cowo yg di panggil sayang: Di bsd

A: Bukan.. Kok bsd sih…bla bla bla..
(berdebat berdua sementara kereta datang, si B menjauh teratur, mungkin males di gerbong deketan sama si A)

Gw (dalam hati): Thx God the conversation is fortunately over!

(Roker maksudnya ROmbongan KEReta a.k.a sejumlah orang yang menggunakan kereta sebagai pilihan transportasi umum).

Cerita semacam ini hanya akan terjadi kalo naik kendaraan umum.

No Happy Reading such cynicism,



Story #24. Tragedi Kacang Panjang

Hi there,

Suatu kali, pacar gw (Ehm, sekarang udah mantan) kenalin gw ke keluarganya. Biar akrab, moment nya dinner donk di pusat kuliner di mall gitu. Yang pergi gw, dia, satu kakaknya, dan nyokapnya. Keliling2 cari meja kosong sambil celingukan milih-milih makanan. Akhirnya kita milih makan masakan bali. Sedikit info dari tante, bahwa booth makanan tempat kita pesen tadi itu baru, “ini baru deh nes, tante soale baru liat ini ada. Coba ini yuk kayaknya enak”. Jadilah kita berempat order masakan bali dan duduk gak jauh dari boothnya. Sambil nunggu pesenan dateng kita ngobrol sana sini. Sempet ditinggal ngobrol berdua doang sama nyokapnya, gw diceritain sekilas tentang cara si tante membesarkan anak-anaknya, tentang karakter mereka masing-masing, juga tentang harapannya ke anak-anaknya. Kakak dan nyokapnya baik, ramah, dan welcome banget padahal baru pertama kali ketemu gw. Hehehe… gw seneng donk : )) Kita juga ngobrolin tentang bisnis katering rumahan si tante dan kakak. Tante sharing dari jenis masakan sampe bumbu dan cara ngolahnya. Wow!

Nah, gak berapa lama dateng nih pesenan kita. Disaji pake piring rotan, alasnya gw lupa tuh daun pisang apa kertas coklat gitu deh. Gak gw foto juga waktu itu. Baunya harum banget menggugah selera, nasinya keliatannya dikit ada di tengah, dikelilingi sayur, sambal matah, dan lauk, lengkap pake sate lilit. Itu nasi keliatannya aja dikit, padahal abis makan kenyangnya wow banget, untung weekend jadi diet gw kan lagi libur! hahaha…

Ngeliat segerombolan kecil sayuran hijau di piring gw, spontan gw nunjuk sambil bilang “Ooh.. masakan buncis yang tante bilang tadi tuh yang kayak gini ya?” –muka sumringah, positif ceria, karna tadi pas cerita gw emang ngebayangin buncisnya dimasak begitu- Respon si tante setelah sekilas merekatkan alis ke tengah dahi, “bukkkan, itu kacang” (kacang panjang maksudnya). Jgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Trus cowo gw ngusap lengan mamanya sambil cengengesan dan bilang, “Ma..anak ini ga bisa bedain buncis sama kacang panjang ma…”

Gw cuma bisa mesam mesem pengen ngakak tapi ga enak juga ngetawain kebodohan sendiri di depan keluarga cowo gw. Ga tau mau bilang apa, jadi gw polos aja nimpalin “ooo.. ini kacang panjang ya..hehehe”. Sebagian dari diri gw rasanya pengen banget naroh muka di kolong meja aja. Habis itu malah jadi bahan ketawaan bareng dan gw masih aja nimpalin, “keliatannya sama ya…” Hahahhaha…..

Gw emang susah bedain buncis sm kacang panjang. Bukan berarti gw ga bisa masak ya. Kalo gw yang masak, gw tau. Kacang panjang kan panjang banget sampe biasanya bisa ditekuk terus diiket karet. Sedangkan buncis pendek-pendek, juga biasanya masuk plastik, bukan ditekuk terus diiket karet kayak si kacang panjang. Tapi kalo udah di potong-potong disaji di piring atau kotak ketering gw gak tau lagi tuh. Keliatannya sama! Mereka hijau dan bulat!

Story #20. Menghadiahi Diri Sendiri


Hidup terlalu berharga bila hanya digunakan untuk bekerja, kuliah, nongkrong di kafe, jatuh hati, bangun cinta, patah hati, menjebak diri sendiri dalam romantisme masa lalu, dan berharap terlalu banyak pada masa depan yang tak pasti. Jika hidup punya urat, mungkin dia akan merasa semacam ketarik kenceng ketika kita berusaha membangun hidup yang sempurna. “Sempurna” pada takaran manusia subyektif -yang- cenderung naif, egois, ingin mengatur dunia dengan berandai-andai.

Tiap manusia -menurut gw- sebaiknya punya cara sendiri untuk menghargai diri sendiri sekaligus punya “booster” untuk selalu semangat menggapai mimpi dan cita-cita. Judul & pengantar diatas sengaja sebagai reminder gw bahwa apresiasi pada diri sendiri itu perlu, ga usah nunggu apresiasi dari orang lain lah.

Ketika hidup berasa stuck, penat, cenut-cenut, mungkin tampang lw bakal sama ky gw:


Kalo boleh milih, pengennya hidup seneng terus kan. Siapa sih yang mau susah kalo emang bisa milih. Ada satu buku karangan Rick Warren yang gw baca ada kalimat berikut: “Anda akan menjadi frustasi karena situasi Anda, Anda akan bertanya-tanya “Mengapa ini terjadi kepadaku? Mengapa aku mengalami kesulitan?” Salah satu jawabannya adalah karena hidup itu memang seharusnya sulit! Itulah yang membuat kita bertumbuh. Ingatlah, bumi bukan surga!” Simple dan realistis ya?! Nah, tapi di tengah pontang-pantingnya manusia ngadepin cobaan, boleh donk rehat sebentar, atau sekedar menghadiahi diri sendiri. Hadiah bukan tentang nominal dan bentuknya. Tapi lebih pada arti hadiah itu. Bagi gw, menghadiahi diri sendiri adalah sebuah perayaan kecil atas satu atau beberapa proses yang udah gw lalui selama beberapa waktu dalam hidup. Sampai pada dateline hadiah berikutnya, halah… hahahha…. Buat gw, hadiah juga berarti booster untuk mencapai hasil tertentu dalam hidup. Ini bukan tentang ngabis2in waktu, duit, dan tenaga ya.

Tentang hadiah yang bukan dinilai dari nominal dan bentuknya, berikut sharing gw tentang alternatif hadiah untuk diri sendiri:

  • Hadiah sesuai hobi setelah lw mencapai target tertentu dalam hidup lw, atau ada beberapa resolusi tahunan yang udah lw capai. Melakukan perawatan kecantikan ada di kategori ini.
  • Liburan singkat. Ga usah lama-lama, sehari bahkan cukup kok. Pergi sendiri juga bakal seru kalo judulnya adalah “menghadiahi diri sendiri”
  • Catch those happy face! Ini agak personal sih sebenernya….mmm… gini, lw lakukan sesuatu / membeli sesuatu untuk orang (orang-orang) yang lw sayangi dan wajah happy mereka adalah hadiah bagi diri lw sendiri : )

Alternatif hadiah lain gw rasa cuma pengembangan dari tiga hadiah diatas. Setelah menghadiahi diri sendiri, biasanya gw bakal sumringah semacem gini:


Biasanya setelah menghadiahi diri sendiri, pikiran jadi lebih fresh, tekanan batin jauh berkurang, yang tadinya ga mau move on justru malah bisa let go! Kerja juga jadi lebih semangat. Kalopun -lagi-lagi- pekerjaan yang lw lakukan berdarah-darah cuma jadi remah-remah memalukan di mata bos / klien, lw bakal lebih bisa iklas bilang “gak pa pa, ok gw bakal benahin lebih baik lagi ni kerjaan”.

Coming up next, gw bakal sharing pengalaman liburan di pantai.

Happy reading,