Story #76. My Karimun Jawa Trip

April 2018.

“Sometimes, a break from your routine is the very thing you need”.

My random blog. I write whatever here. Mostly junk! 😜

Meet me under the sky of Karimun Jawa Island. I wanna come to this island since like 8 years ago. Funny that I went to some other beautiful places and kinda forget about this one. Then when I make this travel, I count, really it’s been eight years since I told myself that I wanted to be here. But thank God the facilities are getting better now. Now I’ll share you 8 things you should know about the Island and the to do list.

1. How to get there from Jakarta

I start the trip on Friday night. Took a night train from Gambir station. Argo Bromo Anggrek 375K. Executive class. We need some well sleep. The train was arrived at 10pm. Depart to Semarang Poncol station early in the morning. Then we took a travel minibus (like colt diesel with a very small baggage). The driver picked us up at the station, take us to the port. It cost 50K per person. We are 12pax anyway. We come by for breakfast. 6 in the morning, eating Soto!! LoL πŸ˜….

The ride took about 1,5hour to get to the port. We were informed that the speedboat will leave by 8am. Well, it’s a common thing if it’s delay like 1 or 2 hours. But it wasn’t, as a matter of fact, the boat arrive at about 9, then it takes about 1,5hour to reload the gas. If you plan for this trip, you should concern on this thing: make sure your boat ticket has a seat number! Some guy sell tickets without seat number. Lucky us we all get one. Our ticket price are include with the tour package.

It’s 2 hours 15 min that we sail. Consume sleeping pils before is the best advice.

2. Homestay

We choose homestay with aircon. No hot water. As we’re a small gang, they put us in rooms with small balcony that we have it for breakfast and dinner.

3. Meal

Breakfast and dinner are provide by the homestay, but as I was there they’re all spicy. Prepare kind of “abon” would be fine. Unlike at Pulau Seribu, here instant noodle seller is hard to find. You can find one at Pulau Kecil.

4. Beachwear

Bikinis allowed. I saw some ppl wearing bikini even tough i’m the only girl in the gang wear one. I was once come to one of island at Pulau Seribu and it was a fasting month, and it was a mistake to wear a sexy beachwear. The society was like kinda more religious at that moment they hate what we wear πŸ™ˆ.

5. View Under the Sea

One word: Magic!

The underwater scenery is awesome. And it’s clean. No junk. This is my nephew have some fun underwater 😍

The guide takes us to beautiful spot for snorkling. There are 2-3 spot of snorkling. Depend on how many time we have to spent there. I think the one next to the Pulau Kecil is the most beautiful. Everyone got a nice under water shot, also some videos!

6. The Shark Spot

It is pace your adrenaline.

One rule: keep your hands up while you’re in the water with the baby sharks.

7. The Night Market at Alun Alun

Night after snorkling and play around the beach, it is a good idea to come to the Alun alun where you can find street seafood (but there’s chicken as well, in case your travelling partner is allergic). You can also find kind of souveneer.

Too bad that I didn’t join the gank to this place. I was so unwell that night, it was sucks I just lay in the bad and run to the toilet to throw up over and over. Thank God I felt so much better in the next day.

8. What are you waiting for? Stop reading and set the date! Go have some fun!! 😘


See ya next episode my life story.


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