Story #83. Why Singapore (again and again)

Hey there,

I believe everyone has at least one favorite place to go. And if that everyone is someone like me, then you don’t mind to go to the same places over and over again, lol!

Some thought why I visit singapore over and over again 😅. When I have no idea where to “escape” for a few days, Singapore is the easiest to reach.

1. Close to jakarta. Cheap flight ticket 😍

2. Walking down the street is totally safe. Singapore is the number 1 world’s most safe country.

3. Malls are fine to be reference for VM. The window display at the stores, the stores furniture, how they set up stuff. So as I’m working on this field, this is a plus point for me to come.

4. Hostel is enough

No need to stay at a fancy hotel. I prefer to stay at hostel at Bugis area is my best recomendation. I can have interact with other tourist. I mean more easy to me, as if I stay in a hotel I usually think that I don’t need to talk with strangers. I’m a sceptical somehow and I think it’s not good to be all the time, I feel that I need such social interaction.

5. Food

Similiar like in Jakarta. Not much different. Wanna hit a cheaper price we can go to hawker places.

6. Language

People speaks cantonese and english. No problem at all.



Story #82. (If You Find) Someone Like Me


“In a world full of mask, it’s a privilege to see a soul”

People are usually easy to make bunch of statement about others, about me. Through their experience during certain period of time. Some good and bad time, some I care you and some screw you whatever.  I don’t blame them, really. I write this junk with almost no purpose. Just in case in the future you guys find someone like me and you have no idea about the way someone like me act and react, then the bullshit below might help you figure it out.

#1. Asking me Out


Asking me out is always a good idea. I like to enjoy culinary and traveling as well, especially with fun people !! I like sweet dessert and spicy food. Talk me about life bla bla bla over a coffee or beer after office hour is always good. Have a short trip somewhere by the weekend would be awesome. But sorry to say I’m not always available to hangout. Sometimes busy, sometimes not interest,  some other time I just  wanna be with nobody.

#2. Reply Message

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-06 at 7.54.03 PM

Sometimes I’m not kind of chat-people. I appreciate more on meet people in person. There are some reason why I don’t reply people chat immediately, like:

  • For me, works comes first. So i might not text you back when I’m working on something. If you call, there’s a chance I’ll answer. But personal text mostly never an urgency for me. My Chinese zodiac is ox, i’m a hard worker since i was born :-))
  • Hangout with friends or in a date, I’d prefer to be with them/him by that time. Replying message can be later. But then, sometimes later become never, lol sorry to say.
  • My whatsapp notification is disgusting, really. Like in the picture above, so many notification, can’t help. So when I don’t reply your msg, probably your name is in the so down below I don’t mean to ignore.
  • I have almost zero level of interest when people text me like: “good morning / day / night” (i’m alive, i know its a morning/day/night), “have you arrive at office now?”, “have you come back home? let me know when you’re home” (why do i have to report this to you I can’t relate), “it’s lunch time already, don’t forget to have one” (I know I should eat when it’s time, or when I get starve. If  you move your ass to my place and bring me food or take me out for lunch/dinner then it’s totally different story). “don’t eat spicy food, don’t grab a coffee, it’s not good for your health, remember you have a gastro acid” ( I do know what I bring to the table, no need to bother yourself on such things laa.. ). Sometimes I like and I need to be asked like that, but if it happen all the time really it’s boring me. Do it once in a time would be better, would raise up my “like” level to you without you have to effort !
  • I need a “me time”. Sometimes I’m not always busy with stuff and people. I need sometimes for myself. Like mostly scorpions, I’m an introvert but I can socialize as an extrovert !

#3. Instagram Post

I quit on Facebook since years ago when an idiot hacked my account and I create a new one, but no longer interest to post whatever. I post social life on Instagram. One post per day is enough for me. I post food, places, and friends as normal people have that social stuff.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-28 at 12.48.02 PM.jpeg

Why I don’t post a picture of me with my crush/bf ? I allow people to see what I allow them to see. I don’t share kind of cheesy love life, don’t bother myself, i keep it just personal. I avoid myself on question and cruel statement like “are you seing someone lately?”, “sekarang sama siapa?”, “ini yang mana lagi?, “another new, huh?”, “when will you get married?” Duhh!


Even when I post one now, I do a little privacy-touch.  Is he my bf now? No, he is NOT.

#4. Promise VS Surprise

My only one rule: Don’t make promise you can not keep!

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-28 at 1.04.14 PM.jpeg

Appreciate on surprises instead of sweet talk and promises. Surprise makes me feel alive even when it’s bad, promise are kind of makes me down and disappoint when it breaks (because the expectation is something sweet).

#4. Gift

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-28 at 12.20.18 PM.jpeg

I put this in the last paragraph as I don’t get used myself asking anyone to buy me gift. But if you find someone like me and you wonder what kind of gift you would like to give to her, well here are some ideas:

  • Bracelet or necklace, white gold, simple design, no blink blink too much, little diamond in it would be perfect.
  • Watch. I like it round instead of square.
  • Hand bag. I like it simple and with long strap.
  • If it shoes, better be adidas (the lifestyle/original kind, not the sport one with 3 lines. My shoes numer is 39 1/3 –> in case that someone you meet is like me till the feet size!!)
  • Chocolate, ice cream, other sweets (are they categorize as a gift? lol). Why not flower? Because it’s romantic but then I don’t know what to do with the flowers, haha!
  • Tour package include flight ticket and hotel, economy class doesn’t matter (ooh, what an expectation, lol).

Not easy to mention all those stuff as I don’t beg around asking for free stuff from whoever. I’m good finance my self, but i like gift(s) as well :-)).


Old saying said that life is not about waiting the storm to pass, it’s about how to dancing in the rain. If you meet someone like me, I hope you can enjoy every moment of togetherness. All the fun, sweet, witty, crazy, silly, silence, sad, care, screw, angry bla bla bla  is just the way someone like me express who she really is because someone like me would never pretend to be someone else that we don’t.


Story #81. How About Thailand

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-29 at 9.40.35 AM

“Just GO.”

Back to 2016 : D

Call me useless to post it soooo late, i don’t mind, i don’t care, we still friend anyway :- *

2016 was complicated, yet so colorful ! I went to many places without knowing what i was exactly doing. Sounds stupid but I regret nothing. One of places that I go was Thailand. HURRAY !! We were 6 people. Couple of husband and wife, couple of lover, and then couple of mom and daughter (yeah it’s me, lol).


Mom’s First Flight Abroad

Having a night flight, still remember mom was very excited since this is her first flight abroad. I persuade (read: push) her for months till she finally have a passport. We took an economy flight. I prepare my self a backpack and a suitcase for mom. Just in case I should bring them both it would be easier instead of having two suitcase. Thank God she was all the best of her health during the vacation.

Hotel, Places to go, and what to wear

Bangkok have many hotels, 3 stars ++ are quite cheap, we choose Metro Hotel to stay. It close to Platinum Mall. Mom was very impressed the first time we check in the hotel, the front desk were so friendly and so pretty. Damn pretty, no kidding! but then we know they’re a lady boy once we heard they talk : p   After a good night rest, here is our morning look:

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-29 at 9.48.52 AM

Our tour guide is speak Bahasa Indonesia. So we have no problem with language during our trip, as long as we’re together with the tour guide, lol. I think my only one problem was on breakfast time. It’s hard to tell to the omelet guy to make me a scrabble egg, but just the egg white I don’t eat the egg yolk. It’s hard because they don’t speak English, not even in Bahasa Indonesia.


Thai trip is more like monastery tour. We went to many place where people usually do praying. Here is one of it:


I have no idea that we’re about to come to such places. I prepare my shirts as I usually go for a summer trip: hot pants, tank top / sleeveless shirts. I have to rent a coat / shawl every time we enter a temple. Average rent cost is 20BHT. Cheap, but you know it’s not about the money. More than that: a lot of people use the same coat, only God knows when they wash the coat / shawl. eew!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-29 at 9.48.53 AM

We went to the famous 3D Studio, and then the garden flowers, also go to the Pattaya Floating Market in the next day. We changed the hotel because at the second day we play around Pattaya. But the third night we back to Metro Hotel. One of these pictures below show that we went to a elephant performance. Even we wear the same shirts with a elephant picture in it. I’m not a kind that excited to see animal performance, I heard most of the animals get a bad treatment and not well feed. My fantashit somehow can’t stop imagine what if we are human perform in such arena, play with stupid stuff, maybe fire and water and then animal watch the performance. Will they think we entertain them well? Ahh… maybe I just don’t like watching animal show, as much as I don’t like to eat rabbit and dog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Pattaya and The Street Food

Anyway…. A good morning from Pattaya! Walking down the street in the morning was great :- *

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-29 at 9.42.47 AM

At night, there’s a night market. I go with one guy while others falls asleep after the day tour. There’s a street magician perform his action. We meet this kind of street food along the way:

I failed in challenge eat scorpion and other bugs whatever eeww…. really i can’t T.T   I just eat kind of meat or sausage satay. I try crocodile satay when we’re at the Floating Market. Taste like chicken, but I don’t want to eat it anymore. For ever no more. I had enough by that day!  Beside those kind of street food, Thailand also have sweets dessert like Mango Sticky Rice, which is easy to find in Jakarta. For lunch and dinner, we always meet Tom Yam : )), yes, always. The best experience about food it that pork are easy to find. Yess!!

It’s never a vacation without to shops. I tell you where most of the money goes: PLATINUM MALL, LoL. Shirts, bags, shoes, bla bla bla.. so many, and very cheap that’s what makes me getting crazy. Another second place we spent the money was at the gift and snacks shops. We were once go to the jewelry place (i forget the name of the place) but seems like shirts and food still in the first rank.

So, How about Thailand? Well, I enjoyed the trip so much. Anyway this trip is worth for a mom-daughter experience. Mom got all attention form my friends because she’s the only mom in the group : )). When we packed and lift our belonging my friends was like “Mom, leave it with agnes, let her handle (and carry) those shop bags”. HAHA !!


Last but not least, I confess that I don’t always know what I do, i mean is it right to do or not. But sometimes in life things just happen, offering just came over and then we decide to do this and that. Travels do open my heart, broadens my mind, and fills my life with stories to tell.



See you in my next episodes of life.

Story #80. Road Trip: It’s Not About Arriving at Your Destination

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 4.34.18 PM

“Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the stuff that happens along the way”. ~Emma Chase.

I’m a road trip traveler since I was in Junior High, as I remember. Now i am 32 turning 33, so it’s been 20years more and less. LoL. Doing a road trip with family members and friends. Luckily I always get a job that give me such traveling activities, so yeah, I experience road trips for work. Well, it all start with a habit from my grandpa. Dad said that he used to doing on a road trip since he was young, going around the Java Island. Maybe some part of Sumatra as well, as Dad was born and spend his childhood at Pangkal Pinang, Sumatra. Then when Dad has us, he take us the same way as Grandpa did to him. For me, it’s a good idea to remembered Grandpa: moment that Dad spent with Grandpa.

Last time I go on a road trip was first weekend of this July. Only three of us: Me, Mom, Dad. From Jakarta heading Jogjakarta. Dad and I took turns driving a car. Friends was like:

“Why driving?”,

“Isn’t it easier to fly? Anyway 12 hours driving might make parents exhausted”,

“Oh, come on, just some time a go you travel with the same route!?” (Yup, we travel the same route about 2 weeks ago, LoL).

People don’t understand, and I don’t expect them to. But I can resume some stuff why a road trip is worth to try:

It’s not about arriving at the destination.

Friends was like: “Udah sampe mana?” , “why are you still at Purwokerto? was it a heavy traffic?”. If you have enough time, It’s fine to stop by at the small cities instead of just passing it thru. We can always explore the food culinary, or famous places to hangout, or randomly visit historical places can be fun. At this part, friends who ask such questions are innocent, wasn’t their fault that I love to stop by and exploring. Anyway we ain’t a travel bus service, no need to rush because it’s about the pleasure of the traveler.

Under the sky, earth is always change.

Before the highway, there are many restaurant along the Pantura way from Cirebon to Jakarta. Now as people use the highway, only Boboko Restaurant that still exist. Years ago, beaches gate along the Pantai Selatan are not as much as nowadays. We experience that things are change. We watch it, we experience it, we sometimes talked to people about the change and how it effect the economy life. Change is something we can never refuse, no? so hit it! Like we hit the road.

People who go on road trips are spontaneous, optimistic, and wise.

Really? Hahaha.. you tell me!

Basically, the more you experience to travel is the more you experience yourself to be spontaneous and optimistic. Wise come along with those two. Road trip will challenge survival skill and instinct different way with other kind of traveling.  Wherever you go (and) or stay, world are full of a diverse array of people and landscapes. No need to be friendly to everyone but once or twice somehow such challenge drives your personality into a better you.

“At the end of the day, the destination is just a stopover. It is only the journey that can drive you to contemplate and find yourself.”


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 4.47.27 PM


Story #79. Kapan Travelling Bareng Gue?

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 11.07.13 AM

“…karena travelling adalah ritual penyegaran jiwa, apresiasi terhadap hidup, terlepas dari renungan apakah hidupmu telah sungguh berguna atau tidak!

Di sela-sela sibuk dan penat, kadang muncul angan untuk nge-trip. Seringkali angan bersambut  kesempatan hadir di depan mata, tak mungkin dilewatkan! Fakta sesederhana ini yang lalu memunculkan kesan “Nes ngetrip terus ya!” Padahal gak juga, sekedar sempat ya why not, di sosmed gue gak selalu posting foto baru, terkadang foto lawas kok.

Beach or Mountain?

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 3.38.52 PM

Me, definitely beach. But I don’t mind for mountain. Yang penting have fun : ). Kalau pantai, isi ransel gue cukup hotpants dan tshirt2 tipis. Bisa masukin beberapa tshirt warna warni, gak makan banyak tempat karna sepele banget. Hotpants cukup 1 di tas, 1 lagi yang dipake. Sedangkan kalau ke daerah pegunungan, perlu siapin jaket, syal, topi hangat, bahkan sarung tangan dan kaos kaki. Gue kalau gak lagi naik ojek atau lagi dingin banget, hampir gak pernah jaketan. Pernah bawa-bawa jaket pas jalan ke Puncak, biar kayak orang-orang gitu kan jaketan, eh malah pas balik ke Jakarta jaketnya ketinggalan di villa, saking di sana juga gak gue pake ‘tu jaket, LoL. Kalau ke daerah dingin, gue suka tempelin koyo salonpas di udel, mungkin karena itu jadi gue gak terlalu berasa dingin. Koyo-nya yang hangat sedang aja, jangan koyo cabe, bisa kelar udel lo berasa ketampar-tampar : (

Backpack or Suitcase?

Apa aja boleh, yang penting gue bisa masukin hair dryer & catokan : ))

Bukan perkara centil, tapi gak setiap tempat nginap menyediakan hair dryer, jadi lebih baik bawa daripada habis keramas gak bisa keringin rambut lalu berakhir masuk angin! It’s about to cleanse the bitter taste of life from your soul, bawalah barang-barang yang memang berguna membahagiakan jiwa :- p


WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 4.06.53 PM

Mostly cam yang gue pake adalah cam iphone SE. Tapi dalam beberapa kesempatan gue ada pakai juga beberapa cam lain (kalau lagi niat). Gue ada beberapa cam di rumah, punya bokap sih. Gue gak gitu ngerti gimana pake nya supaya maksimal sih. Mungkin ada volunteer yang mau ajarin gue explore cara pake nya?? Sinih! :-*

Nah, kalo bahas cam, terus bahas obyek fotonya. Yang mukanya cakep, body nya oke sih bebas ya mau gaya gimana aja. Tapi buat yang gak pede an dengan muka dan bentukan ala kadarnya macem gue, jangan berkecil hati, sodara2! Ada banyak trick angle yang bisa kita pake supaya foto-foto kita tetep kece! : ), Anyway kalo di rating ini daftar urutan obyek yang paling gue suka: 1. View (esp the sky); 2. Food; 3. Myself (ini mesti ambil dari agak jauh, biar viewer lebih fokus sama background pemandangan! Hehehe)

Gue gak selalu merasa nyaman untuk minta tolong orang lain buat fotoin gue, so instead of bothering people, I set myself an angle and timer di cam.


Ada kalanya gue memang punya ittenary sebelum ngetrip, jadi tau nantinya mau kemana aja. Ini penting supaya jangan mendadak galau. Tapi beberapa kali juga gue pergi spontan aja. Udah sampe di lokasi, baru deh tentuin enaknya mau jalan kemana. Ini gak susah kok, karena kadang pas udah nyampe di kota yang di tuju, mood baru bagus, cuaca cerah, nah muncul deh ide buat kemana. Lagian ya, kita gak hidup di jaman batu. Ada smartphone, jaringan 3G/4G, kuota internet gak mahal kok, lagian wi fi is almost everywhere, kita bisa googling ada tempat seru apa aja di sekitar kita.

You know what, i mean it with what i’m saying. Really, travelling memang apreasiasi terhadap hidup. Jadilah lebih hidup dengan lebih menghargai hidup. Bekerjalah lebih smart, supaya lebih disayang sama bos, dapet bonus yang baik, dikasih day off (even tough itu adalah hak karyawan) buat pergi liburan. Berbagilah lebih banyak, perduli lah lebih sering. Itulah bentuk nyata dari bersyukur. Last but not least, jangan lupa prepare budget dan ijin orang tua sebelom pergi ngetrip!

Nah, jadi kapan nih, ngetrip bareng gue? :- )



See you in my next episodes of life!

Story #78. About Writing and Pray



the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text.



address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship.

(Source: google)

Kenapa dua hal ini yang aku angkat?

Katanya, writing is a good therapy for to keep your mind away from insanity. It is similiar like painting, people can just release their feeling in painting. Writing is about words, as mentioned above it is a skill of marking coherent words. I might not skilled enough. Writing is a hobby and anyway it is work to keep me feel alive.

As I’m not a type of indulging anger, sadness, disappointment, or whatever in the social media like facebook and instagram, wtf. But here, I can feel so alive, it is more comforting me to speak up to people that I don’t see regularly and I don’t know who. So that’s how the therapy works for me.


Why pray? I’m not a kind of religious one. Jarang berdoa, ke gereja pun bolong-bolong, gak setiap minggu. I realize that by praying, God gives us what we need instead of what we want. Gave me patient when I’m in a hard situation. Gave me strength to pass things through. Calm to face the storm.

I don’t always get a yes rightaway by praying. Tapi selalu Tuhan memberikan yang aku butuhkan. And praying is like guide people to another as a form to accomplish what we need and what we want. Indeed.


Story #76. My Karimun Jawa Trip

April 2018.

“Sometimes, a break from your routine is the very thing you need”.

My random blog. I write whatever here. Mostly junk! 😜

Meet me under the sky of Karimun Jawa Island. I wanna come to this island since like 8 years ago. Funny that I went to some other beautiful places and kinda forget about this one. Then when I make this travel, I count, really it’s been eight years since I told myself that I wanted to be here. But thank God the facilities are getting better now. Now I’ll share you 8 things you should know about the Island and the to do list.

1. How to get there from Jakarta

I start the trip on Friday night. Took a night train from Gambir station. Argo Bromo Anggrek 375K. Executive class. We need some well sleep. The train was arrived at 10pm. Depart to Semarang Poncol station early in the morning. Then we took a travel minibus (like colt diesel with a very small baggage). The driver picked us up at the station, take us to the port. It cost 50K per person. We are 12pax anyway. We come by for breakfast. 6 in the morning, eating Soto!! LoL 😅.

The ride took about 1,5hour to get to the port. We were informed that the speedboat will leave by 8am. Well, it’s a common thing if it’s delay like 1 or 2 hours. But it wasn’t, as a matter of fact, the boat arrive at about 9, then it takes about 1,5hour to reload the gas. If you plan for this trip, you should concern on this thing: make sure your boat ticket has a seat number! Some guy sell tickets without seat number. Lucky us we all get one. Our ticket price are include with the tour package.

It’s 2 hours 15 min that we sail. Consume sleeping pils before is the best advice.

2. Homestay

We choose homestay with aircon. No hot water. As we’re a small gang, they put us in rooms with small balcony that we have it for breakfast and dinner.

3. Meal

Breakfast and dinner are provide by the homestay, but as I was there they’re all spicy. Prepare kind of “abon” would be fine. Unlike at Pulau Seribu, here instant noodle seller is hard to find. You can find one at Pulau Kecil.

4. Beachwear

Bikinis allowed. I saw some ppl wearing bikini even tough i’m the only girl in the gang wear one. I was once come to one of island at Pulau Seribu and it was a fasting month, and it was a mistake to wear a sexy beachwear. The society was like kinda more religious at that moment they hate what we wear 🙈.

5. View Under the Sea

One word: Magic!

The underwater scenery is awesome. And it’s clean. No junk. This is my nephew have some fun underwater 😍

The guide takes us to beautiful spot for snorkling. There are 2-3 spot of snorkling. Depend on how many time we have to spent there. I think the one next to the Pulau Kecil is the most beautiful. Everyone got a nice under water shot, also some videos!

6. The Shark Spot

It is pace your adrenaline.

One rule: keep your hands up while you’re in the water with the baby sharks.

7. The Night Market at Alun Alun

Night after snorkling and play around the beach, it is a good idea to come to the Alun alun where you can find street seafood (but there’s chicken as well, in case your travelling partner is allergic). You can also find kind of souveneer.

Too bad that I didn’t join the gank to this place. I was so unwell that night, it was sucks I just lay in the bad and run to the toilet to throw up over and over. Thank God I felt so much better in the next day.

8. What are you waiting for? Stop reading and set the date! Go have some fun!! 😘


See ya next episode my life story.

Story #75. Sugar Bear: A Shot Just in Time


“I don’t think you’ll understand what your voice does to me”.


You came to me unexpectedly. Randomly delivered by the universe. Pretty face. Told you that I don’t mind waking up that face. I like the way you look at me when we’re talking. I like your laugh, i love the voice when you say goodnight on the phone. I love our talks on the phone that we often did while I’m driving back home after work. Both of the sweet and the naughty talks. LoL 😜. “Hey Bear.. accompany me driving, wud youuu?” and so we talked on the phone along my way. Talking about whatever, flirt to each other. Sweet you.


I understand that we’re separate by distance in the name of “duty” that you should leave for months. I’m fine with the distance. In fact it gives me “a room” that I need but hard to get. Distance is good for me in order to avoid ridiculous engagement with someone new. You said I’m so spoiled when I’m with you. Really? Well, maybe it is you that spoiled me. I always miss our talks: the jokes, the way we comment our daily life. Silly that I can even enjoy for not talking to you for days. Then talk to you again is like a kid meet chocolate. LoL. I miss you now. Between reality in our daily life and desire to feel love, we both know love can’t be forced. Maybe we fine this way. I just wonder how do you know that I miss you? Do you feel the same? Because you come over when I feel it. I’m asking it for myself, don’t want to asked you such question because I’m too busy with our sweet talks, lulled by your voice.


You came like a new engine that boost my day. A shot that I need. Now it’s been a while since we don’t talk. Doesn’t matter. I expect to see you again, later when you come back to to Jakarta. To your home.