Story #72. Another Year Older (And Still As Sexy As Ever)

Untitled-2Oct, 14th. 2017.


It was a bbq night after we had a  fun session of the retreat. We’re less than 20 people there which is perfect! The bbq little party was outdoor in the backyard, the same place we had meal day and night. The night was a clear sky, wind blowing a little bit cold as we’re on the mountain area. We’re all enjoying soda, chips, french fries while we’re waiting the sausage guy served his best grilled sausage, LoL, nah, no waiters, we’re all self service. I was here because bunch of my besties were here, one of them came from Surabaya. How can I missed the chance to not be with them : ) But I must say, the sessions of the retreat was awesome! I’ll tell you about this in another page.


Well, as I was busy eating snacks I look around and realize that some people are missing. I went inside to grab whoever might sleep in the room. But I met a girl before I reach the bed room, I asked her “hey where’ve you been? you plan to sleep earlier, eh? hahaha…”. She reply me with a big smile on her face, “I’m looking for Grace, oh look there she is!” she pointed a girl behind me then lead me turn back to the bbq area. While after I hear a happy birthday song play in the speaker with a high volume. I had nothing in mind, well, maybe one of us ever plan to have an early birthday celebration but I had no idea it would be here. Among people we know just now. Three of us, our birth date are close to each other. A second while I’m still busy with my mind and eating chips,   a small cake come with three candles, some yelled “Happy Birthday!!!”. I was so surprise. I saw the candles, I guess those are kind of candles firecrackers? that when you blew it and think it is done, it could be on fire again. LoL, but we’re in outdoor anyway, the wind helps us so we ain’t get too much effort to blew the candles! I was asking several times, “hey, is it really for us?” as I still can’t believe they do it here. I have an additional reason to be happy that night! and the sweet perfect little surprise is a bonus! I love you, guys!!!


I check on the photos, can’t lie, happiness looks gorgeous on all of us! And three of us, like you see, another year older and we’re still sexy as ever : ). Sometimes happiness is a feeling, sometimes it is a decision.



Cheers for birthday boys and girls on October! Ciao!

See you in my next episodes of life.


Story #71. My Burning Red

“Losing him was blue like I’d never known
Missing him was dark gray all alone
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met
But loving him was red
Oh red
Burning red”

~Taylor Swift~

(early year of 2017)


Him. Even in my daily basis I often forget, but there are some memories that is hard to forget. The harder I try, I harder I fail. Maybe some things in life mean to just stay in mind, and all I can do is keep it in the corner and label it “do not touch”. Reminiscing memories about him, the one I just known for a while. It only need a second to fall for him, LoL. Impression of depression, bad boy but charming, cheerful and hid his pain. I remember first time we met, I didn’t liked him at all. He’s so annoying. Look for attention. Second time we met, we hangout together with some other friends. There where everything started. It’s amazing when we both fall and really, love is real. It’s brighten my day. Being with him is always boost my mood, loving him is like doing free fall from Jembatan Cinta at Tidung Island. It’s not really fall, maybe it’s only less than 10 meters but that’s the only bridge I’ve ever try to free fall for the rest of my life. Feel so rich, excited, and afraid at the same time. “Touching him was like realizing all you ever wanted was right there in front of you. Memorizing him was as easy as knowing all the words to your old favorite song”. Since the universe bring me to him, it’s like I found all I ever wanted while I never really describe myself what do I really want. Like I found the missing puzzle.



As the universe bring us together, it also tear us apart. Somehow it has to reach the end. Had to let him go. I can’t make him stay. “Regretting him was like wishing you never found out that love could be that strong“. It’s pain, it’s sad to not be with him. I break my heart again. This is not easy because the emotions involved between us were so intense. Losing him is blue like I’d never known. I still call his name when he’s not around, like his name is forever in my lips. But we’ve made decision, we’re on our own. I never regret the relationship but in fact I wish things had been different. Missing him is dark grey all alone, forgetting him was like trying to know somebody I never met, and  loving him can turn blue into red. A burning red, that’s us used to be. Then I have to get used with just “me”, being alone again. Keep the memories in the corner of my mind. Somehow I can’t help myself that I miss him and feel the pain in my heart. But I ride my mind, I let the memories stays. I let it be, I keep moving. When the pain re-appears, I said to myself “Feel it, it’s fine, he’s your burning red, carry it and move on“.




See you in my next episode of life.


Story #70. The Teddy Bear Holding an “I Love You” heart (Apple Of My Eye, Love me till I die – 2)

A story from a friend, she’s a hidden mother of her own hidden child. She have a faith and a heart made of gold. 

It’s wednesday, my daughter’s birthday. I plan to buy her something but still thinking what can I buy for her, as she seems has everything a child need. The family where she stays fulfill all of her needs. I thank God for that. At the moment I face a situation, not yet receive my salary. Office usually pay me at the end of next week. So, I have not enough money, and I don’t know what to buy for her. 

The poor me. The lonely me. I gave a birth few years ago. Had consider everything and decide to let her adopted. I curse my boyfriend which also the biological father of my cute daughter. I push him away and hid the child. When I was pregnant, I gently rub my stomach and promise my baby ” I’ll always be there on your birthday, even you don’t call ‘mama’ to me“. So far I try to keep my promise, and after all this time, I thought my parents never care about me and her. I don’t mind it, I’ve never be their perfect daughter, I guess.

Well so here I am, standing at the station on my way back home. Open an online shop application thru my phone while I’m waiting for my train. I saw a cute pink bicycle with a basket in the front side. Ahh.. but she has it already. Lego set, girls toys  like cooking set, iron, groceries whatever, nah.. she has a lot. Maybe a backpack as she’s about to prepare a pre school ?! She might have it as well but I’ll choose her something different from the other and she’ll love it! Yeah! And I’ll buy it after I reveice my salary next week. It’s fine consider my chance to see her will be next week. 

I close the online shop application. My train is not yet to come, but it’s on schedulle. I check my whatsapp, a lot of message as always. I open up first text from my father. He send me a photo. Something wrap with a yellow funny cute wrapping paper and a ribbon. I wrinkle my eyebrows. It can’t be a birhday gift for my daughter. He seems never care that much. I read the text, he said that inside it is a teddy bear holding a red heart say I Love You and a frozen tumbler. I should give it to my daughter. My hidden child.

For a second I felt my heart stop beating.
I read the text over and over again.

I don’t know what happen to me but I suddenly can’t get enough oxygen. I breathe short and fast, my heart start beating again. It’s beat like heavy. Maybe it cause I need more oxygen. I can’t see clearly now, there are tears piling up in the eyelids. I wipe it off before anyone else sees. Act cool like nothing’s happen.
My train is coming. The door’s open right in front of me. I put my phone to my hand bag, avoid the rough passangers. When I enter the train, there’s no more empty seats. So I stand, holding a yellow holder with my left hand and grab my phone with the other hand.

I reply my father’s text, saying thank you. He reply me that he wants to see my daughter as well. He said my daughter must be so happy to receive the gift. 

Oh God… I can’t hold my tears! I cry. And it’s a silly stupid cry until some people notice me crying. The guy in front of me spontaneusly stand up and offer me his seat. And so I sit but I still can’t stop crying. I wipe my tears with my hand. Then a woman next to me handed me tissu. She don’t say a word. She just handed it. 

I don’t cry for long… but as I remembered I stop crying after the third or forth station, half of my trip. I’m so silly. But I’m glad no one bother me asking what happen. And I’m so thankful that at least for a second I knew that my parents care about my child. 

My daughter receive it. She’s so happy. She hug me and say thank you. In my heart I pray, I thank God. It’s like I never have enough thank God. 


Story #69. A Married Man and The Massage Service

Hi there,


This is a story from my friend. She’s married. It was around 2011 I guess. I live in a small city, an island to be exact. I was there for almost one year, it’s duty things. The shape of the island is elongated, and the urban area is only about 17kilometer, the rest is red soil and shrubs for tens of kilometers before I can find another small urban area. I was younger and try to have a good -normal- social life, I socialize with some people: young and old, single and married ones. 


There’s one time my boyfriend (my ex, for now) visit me and we had dinner in a place close to the sea. The place is casual, we spend sometime in the same area to watch sunset and have a Teh Tarik before dinner. We sat in a square table and take an order. Not long after, a woman poke my shoulder and call my name, she introduce us to her husband and her 2yo lovely daughter. That was the first time I saw her husband so we had a handshake before I and my ex get back sit. While we’re eating, my ex was whisper me, “don’t you recognize him (the husband)? he was at the pub that we go last night. Drunk. Busy holding (another) woman”. I was surprised, “the noisy one?” Yeah! I said nothing to my friend, realize that it shouldn’t be my concern. I might hurt her if I tell her so.


My friend isn’t ugly, she’s pretty and nice, she’s also smart but later I know that her husband is a player, even when they got married. ‘how come a woman like you fall for such an asshole’ is a question i never found the answer. Well, months after this woman come to me, her eyes are swollen, she was down. She’s about making her husband deterrent. The husband promised that he would be faithful, and my friend need to proof two things: 1. that her husband can’t never keep promises, and 2. that she’s not a dumb ass to trust him again, she consider for a divorce but things about kid isn’t make it easy. As a woman, she’s also worried of genital disease whatever her husband possibly “bring” from the outside.


Not long after she cried and feel better tell me everything, we start to make a “girls plan!” In this small city, we can easily find a massage place and a day spa which only serves man, you know what I mean. So we make a list and a route map to visit. We also print tens photograph of her husband. It was a crazy idea ever. My first lesson how a wife deal with a bastard husband (I hope to marry the faith one). Need about a couple hour to set the route and print the photos, we also put my friends phone number at each of the backside of the photos. We visit the massage and day spa one by one in the city, meet the whoever in charge at the front desk. We give them photo (one for each place) and a talk to the front desk girls: “I’m (my friend) looking for my husband. Here is photo of his face. My phone number is behind it. Anytime if you see him come here, please text me at this number. If I really find him here I have 200K for you. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him nothing about you”. Some place are really nasty immoral I can’t tell you here but the girls were so awkward when we came in, LoL.


As we expect to happen, days after at one night someone texted my friend, said that her husband is in her work place. WOW !! My friend grab him fast. When my friend come, her husband was already in the room with the massage girl. It was an awkward moment! caught in the act!  they end up with a divorce as her husband promise that he agreed to divorce if he proves to be unfaithful.


You know what, boys will always be boys! keep playing and take the risk.


See you in my next episode of life,


Story #68. Living.. Loving.. Leaving!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-18 at 4.05.53 PMc

“Walk with me, we’ll figure out where we’re going later”




Have you ever wonder what is life is all about? This time is kind of my random thought. The question was just suddenly comes up in mind last night. It’s hard to answer since it I’m about to sleep. My daily basis is a hectic day and sometimes random thought just crossed in my messy mind. So I try to figure it out before I close my eyes for a couple hours or so.

I’m leaving a life that sometimes I can’t say that I’m enjoy. Life’s is an effort, yeah. Life is a goodbye in every hello. Run a routine but there’s always a new story, a new stair to step, and of course a new sip of morning coffee! People come and go in our life and each of them left a story and a feeling. 

I was once when i’m in junior high, got to move out of town due to my father was transferred by his office. The economic situation was not good that time, it was 1998. So I moved. At first, I tried to be cool but it wasn’t easy to hide the feeling that I missed my friends. It was hurt. I guess that’s the first moment that I remember as I blame on the situation. I regret the moment when I met somebody, getting know each other, then leave each other in a pain, in a dirt, whatever.  I tell nobody. I thought it should be a temporary feeling and then I’ll be allright. I had no idea at that moment, but then I found that there is a purpose for everyone to meet. Some people come into your life to test you, some to teach you, some to use you, and some to bring out the very best of you. So I live a life, still in a  pain, try to deal with it and whatever life offers me. The more happiness I share to everyone, the more I enjoy the goodbyes. It is hurt like everytime, but it’s always just a moment to pass.

The truth is, there’s moment after a hello before a goodbye, and by the nick of time I decide to enjoy that moment rather than being burdened with the pain. Decide to love and accept love if I want it (and while it last, lol). It’s actually surprise me how life is become meaningful. Share the joy, laugh, sometimes I also share a tears although I keep it more often myself. I’m falling in love with the way people laugh, how they fall asleep, the way they listen to music, their faces when they’re watching a show or reading a good book. Their bright eyes and funny face. The deep look before the kiss. The heart beat while hugging. The sparkle on eyes, the wide smile and laugh, the cuddle moment. Life is become a live show. A little drama of course, we can’t avoid it.

I guess the circle of life is living – loving – leaving. It keeps over and over again with different people and situation. With me, I don’t make a promise because I’m affraid I can’t keep it, and so I don’t expect anyone to promise me anything. I’ll respect and accept surprises instead! LoL. Just walk with me, I’ll share you whatever I can share with you in life. But we’ll figure out where we are going later. And if fate tear us apart and you feel sad, remember that this is just a path in life. This too will pass. Maybe we’ll meet again, when we are slightly older and my minds less hectic, and I’ll be right for you and you’ll be right here for me till death do us apart. There’s nothing to regret, remember there’s purpose why everyone meet.

Happy sunday!

See you in my next episode of life, cheers!